Sunday, 17 April 2016

Simplicity 8045 ~ Rustic Chevrons from Mood Fabrics (yes!!! I've been to Mood!!)

Way back in January (and I say way back, because it feels like that right now) in the midst of Winter, we sailed all the way across the pond to ever wonderful New York City.
During this visit I was very honoured to be offered a meet up with the lovely Tomasa from SewMuchFashion for a personal guided tour of mood fabrics.

I will never forget this day for as long as I live. It was one of the coldest days I have ever experienced (and I got married in Lapland!). It was icy cold, but clearly it felt exaggerated due to the fact that we had left the hotel at 8am that morning for our 10am slot over to Liberty Island, and other than going up to the Crown of Lady Liberty herself, by the time I met up with  Tomasa at 5pm , I had been outside in sub zero temperatures for 9 hours! And I looked a frightful sight in woolly hat, gloves and thermal trousers by the Tomasa finished work!!

Look at Tomasa looking amazing!

So anyhows, this fabric holds wonderful memories for me, so it feels kinda special. Tomasa was so patient and obliging as I overwhelmingly made my around Mood with no clue whatsoever with what to buy! For me it was like being in a dream. Seeing so much fabric of all natures was too surreal. The only thing I knew was that I wanted something that was like nothing I could get back home. I seemed to wander aimlessly for ages (it was less than an hour I'm sure) and then BAM! This popped out! 
Its an Italian acrylic wool (HERE ) and when asked at Mood Fabrics what I was going to make with it, I had no idea! I just had to have it.

Mood Catalogue Photo

I pondered on it for some weeks and finally decided on a Jumper version of Simplicity 8045. Unfortunately, when I came to cut this out last week, disaster struck! I found 3 holes in it!!!
I could hardly take it back(!) but as this is a loose knit I managed to sew the holes up and use that piece for the underside of the collar. I only had 1.5yards so this was the best I could do. And It turned out good so alls well that ends well.

What struck me about this pattern is the very wide collar. Most off the shoulder of this style are much narrower. With my fabric, the wide collar works well.

I also love the gathering in the side seams and collar. I love gathers and I love anything off the shoulder so this pattern was a good find for such a special fabric

The fabric has no pattern repeat so I made use of the blue edge border for the hem 

and the gold border edge on the opposite side of the fabric for the sleeves

and speaking of sleeves, the pattern features 3/4 length so I lengthened mine just because I love long sleeves!

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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Prima Peasant

There is nothing quite like the dawn of a new season to offer fresh, new inspiration. Whilst I have enjoyed my winter months of sewing, Spring offers new colours and new wardrobe pieces. 

For my first Spring make I have kept it simple and let the fabric do the talking with this BoHo style pattern from the Prima Magazine October 15. This is my project for the Moreish Makeover March MAGAM Challenge; simply because I need more tops like this.

I love this style of blouse. I used to wear it a lot back in the day (gypsy tops I think they were called then?) and I have a purchased one that I have almost worn to death.  
Mum dropped this pattern on me to make a blouse for her (which you can see HERE) and I loved it instantly! Had a few issues with Mum's due to the fabric, and low and behold I stumbled across fabric issues again with this one!

Not sure what sort of woven this is but whatever, it was seriously off-grain! Grrr. Made cutting a pain I can tell you, especially as this has an horizontal pattern. It didn't help that I didn't like the pattern horizontal either (the big rectangular-like shapes you see C/F and C/B were meant to be going across not down). For this top I felt that it would look much better vertical, so after a bit of pulling and tugging I then cut it cross grain. It's turned out OK and also the fullness of this top helps to disguise that the pattern is still a little wonky. But at least its on the grain so won't go out of shape!

I picked the fabric up from Birmingham Rag Market last November and was just drawn to the colours immediately. Had no idea  what I would make with it until Mum sent this pattern. Then I just knew that these two were a match.

The drawstring neckline was finished off with black and orange beads, purchased from a Hobbycraft store near to Mum

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Thursday, 24 March 2016

Boho Peasant Top for Mum

Feeling pretty snug about this one as it almost didn't make it! 
Mum picked the fabric on a trip to Birmingham Rag Market in March of last year (my goodness, where did that year got to?!). I think we originally planned to make a skirt with it. But a year on, Mum had forgotten which fabrics she had left so I sent her some swatches. No sooner had she been reminded of this concertina pleated fabric, she came up with this free pattern from October 2015 Prima Magazine.

Well that was a pleasant surprise for me because a pattern like this wasn't what I was expecting at all! Having never worked with this fabric before and not able to find much, if anything online on how to work with it, this pattern was perfect. With the drawstring neckline and elasticating the sleeves, should those pleats flatten themselves out, no-one would know.

As it turned out, keeping the pleats in wasn't the problem. I used wonder tape to keep them together and this worked a treat. The issues I did have however, was stitching the actual fabric. I tried all sorts of various needles but none of them liked it. Talk about skipped stitches. The microtex needle which I thought would be the best one for this fabric turned out to be the worst! There were no stitches at all. I tried that many, I can't even recall which one worked the best now. I just know it wasn't the microtex or  the ballpoint!

The drawstring ties you see in these photos, aren't actually the ones in the finished article. These were just temporary until our trip last week to the Birmingham Rag Market again, where we were able to find a suitable replacement

As shown here with silver cording 

and complete with beads!

I have to say that perseverance certainly paid off with this one. Until I got the hang of it, this fabric was a pain to work with. But just look how it turned out. The top I thought I was going to like the least, I like the most! Despite the initial issues with stitching, this has come up trumps. And it suits my Mum to a tee :)

Definitely a thumbs up from me for this one!

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Sewing For Mum

I haven't been sewing for myself quite as much as I usually do of late. But I have been busy sewing for my Mum. She is getting quite a collection of new clothes! These makes I have been sewing over the past few months (with some of my own in-between). But as these are Mum's, I thought I would do a collective all-in-one post.

First up, using a jersey knit purchased from Birmingham Rag Market last year, is the ever popular  McCalls 6844. View A

We had no idea what to make with this fabric when we bought it, but on looking through patterns that I already had, I knew this was the one. I loved lining up those stripes!

Next up is (discontinued) Butterick 4132

This was made using a remnant piece left over from A Skirt I made for Mum last year

And here is Mum, wearing it with said skirt
Suddenly she has a dress!

This next one is a Butterick See and Sew pattern 6079

Extended the shoulder and added some sleeves for Mum's preference but overall, I'm a little disappointed with this one.

Both the front and back neck edge is gathered and the waist is elasticated. It's a lovely design but I just don't think this one is for Mum.

Finally for this post is McCalls 6966 View A 

You can't really see the lovely shaped yoke but believe me, it is there! I also added a few inches to the length

So that just about wraps it up for now. There are a couple more but I have saved those as I think they warrant their own posts.

More soon!
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Saturday, 5 March 2016

McCalls 7047 ~ Red Velvet

This dress was my project for the January MAGAM Challenge. I made it all in good time but mid-January we sailed across to NYC on the QM2,
taking this dress with me, so I didn't get chance to log it on here. Of course the holiday came and went and it was only the other day when I was looking for an evening gown to wear for a family party, that I realised I hadn't done this post!

I loved this pattern so much first time around that I made it again. It was made for me! I loved making it, loved wearing it and its my favourite pattern so it was inevitable that I would make it again. Just didn't think it would be quite so soon!

  The pattern is McCalls 7047 which I made last year in Black and white. It's a complete replica to my Black and White Sparkle one,  but without the train (because, well basically  it was totally annoying!)

The fabric I have also used before for My Vogue 1475 dress which was green and black. It's a burn out velvet and looks just as amazing in the red and black.(available HERE)

I think this version slightly has the edge on my black and white one as the cowl drapes more freely and it sits across the shoulders

Not much more for me to say about this. I blew this patterns trumpet last time around! I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking...

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Simplicity 1322 ~ It's a wrap!

Simplicity 1322 is my MAGAM challenge for February. I made View C

The theme this month is Freaky Fearful February, which is to do anything that scares you, where you know you can probably do it, but apprehension is stopping you. 

There are things that I shy away from much greater than this (bound buttonholes for one!) but a warm skirt is something I did actually need so I opted for this one as I often fear of stretching seams on the bias. So I picked this cute little skirt and added a bias contrast on the front seam edge. Easy peasy! Why did I worry. A bit of wonder Tape before sewing and Bingo! I'm pleased.

And whilst I was on a roll with bias edging, I also finished the hem with binding too.

This lovely wool tweed fabric was kindly given to me by one of my Mum's friends. In fact she was so generous, she gave me an entire suitcase full of fabric! This is the first piece I have used and I am so pleased with it. The plain blue is a faux moleskin I bought way back in the 90's but never used it. And I've still got enough of it left to make something else.

Because my fabric is wool (which made up and handled beautifully I might add), I have added a lining. But for anyone thinking of making this, do bare in mind that there isn't much of a wrapage going on with this skirt. Sitting down in it would show an awful lot of leg without a lining...!!

.... You can see that it already falls open as demonstrated here by just bending my knee! It is meant to. But I certainly feel more comfortable knowing I wont be baring all and sundry when I sit down or when the wind blows it open!!

It's funny but it was only a couple of years ago that I was saying I don't like skirts! Yet this winter, skirts and jumpers have been my staple wardrobe. And I have made this one just in the nick of time, as it's currently the coldest its been all winter so far.

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