Friday, 12 January 2018

V9264 ~ Christmas Dress

I hadn't made a dress specifically for Christmas Day since 2014, so back in November I decided it was time for a new one and set to. My previous 2 dresses that were made for Christmas were both green. You can see those HERE and HERE. So this time I went for red. Backalong I made V9264 and fell in love with this dress, so I ordered some stretch crushed red velvet to make the same pattern.

I wore this dress for the first time on our wedding anniversary (this was when the photos were taken) in mid December. I wore it again for a family meal just before Christmas and again on Christmas itself so you can tell I am loving this version too. I need another occasion to wear it again!!

Totally love the sleeves and the high turtle neck. And making this in a more fancy fabric has transformed it from the every day dress of my previous one.

This one is a little shorter than I would have liked, but this is the longest I could get it with the 1.5m that I 'd ordered.

Not much more I can say about this pattern that I haven't already said before, so it's a brief posting this time!

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Sunday, 7 January 2018

M7569 ~ Traditional Holiday Glamour

Towards the end of every year, I try to make one new evening dress for our holidays. I take 3 already worn before dresses and one new. This is the latest new one which I made for the November MAGAM challenge, "November Needs". Ok, you can argue that an evening dress is not very needy, but well, a new one was needed to carry on tradition πŸ˜‚

The dress I originally wanted to make was M7683 (the V neck version and long straight skirt). I waited 3 weeks for it to become available to the UK and then had to give up because I was on a time limit. So I opted for M7569 instead, a create it pattern where you can mix and match the pattern pieces. I chose the halter top (minus the low keyhole front!) and the mermaid skirt. I omitted the train as I find I just end up tripping over them. But that's probably just clumsy ol' me!

The fabric is a gorgeous Burn Out Stretch Velvet from Minerva Crafts so, being stretch it was relatively quick and easy to make up. No fitting was required, this just made up straight out  of the envelope. The bodice and upper skirt are underlined which is perfect and in my opinion, needed, as there is A LOT of weight in that skirt and underlining the bodice and upper skirt makes it more sturdy and gives more structure to hold that weight.

And weighty it is. There is metres and metres of fabric in the hem. Phew! Because I stitched it by hand, I think the hem took as long to do as the rest of the entire dress put together. Well OK, maybe slight exaggeration but the hem did take a couple of hours if not more. I was glad when it was done that's for sure.

Despite the hem (!) I really enjoyed making this and loved wearing it even more. Possibly my favourite evening dress to date 😁. So happy now that M7683   wasn't available, as I would never have made this! (incidentally, the day before I left for holidays early December, it still wasn't available here for sale, so just as well I didn't wait!)

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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Two Old Faithfulls Reunite ~ M6844 and Colette's Mabel

Still playing catch up from 2017. This is an outfit I made early October, all in good time to wear for my husbands birthday meal. I've lost count how many times I have made M6844 (I've made it twice more since this one) but this has turned out to be one of my favourites. I think it's the fabric and colour. Winter white is a colour I love, especially.... in winter, but its the honeycombe effect of this fabric that appeals to me. The fabric was purchased months ago. I think just because I liked it, because I don't recall buying it for anything in particular, which isn't like me! 

As for the pattern; well there is nothing about it that hasn't been said already so I'll keep this one brief. And although it doesn't seem like 5 minutes since this pattern was released its been out that long now, its discontinued! Boooo

The fabric is slightly heavier than some of the others of these that I've made and I've noticed that the heavier the fabric, the better the peplum drapes and looks.

The skirt is another favourite pattern of mine, the Mabel Skirt from Colette Patterns. Again made several times over, although I've only ever made Version 3. Its a good staple and I now have this skirt in a variety of colours, the latest one being this chocolate brown. All are made in bengaline. I've noticed this fabric gets mixed reactions from sewers, some love it some hate it. I'm a fan because its nice to work with, practical, easy and comfy to wear. But of course, the most important factor is that you can't beat a stretch fabric for eating lots of food πŸ˜†

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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

M5421 ~ Jump back to the 1970's

Oh my goodness, I knew I had been away from my blog for a while but I hadn't realised that it had been over 2 months! As I spent a lot of time throughout October and November sewing for our holidays, I have some serious catching up to do 😬

This jumpsuit was my project for the October (!!) MAGAM Challenge. And yet here I am in January only just blogging it. In fairness though, it didn't get photographed until last month. 

So anyways, the pattern and fabric I have had for about 2 years now, and its been on the to-do list for too long. Then along came Sarah Liz from SarahLizSewStyle with yet another genius MAGAM theme "October Original" making this 1970's original pattern the perfect make. The crazy thing was, I racked my brains with this theme for a week or so before I finally realised how perfect this would be. Thank you Sarah Liz!

The pattern itself was a pleasure to work with. The quality of the paper compared to today was noticeable from the off. And the notches were cut outwards. I still cut my notches outwards to this day, never cutting into the seam allowance. You never know when you may need a bit of extra seam allowance! As for the instructions, well, they just put the ones of today to shame.

Just look at the detail in this one section alone. Just check out the little iron icon for pressing. Brilliant. And coloured too! 

This pattern is a bit before my sewing time and is a size 12. I remembered that back in the 80's that I used to cut a 12, so I took a chance and cut this right out of the envelope. After all too big is better than too small. Turned out to be a good choice as this fits perfectly and I made no alterations other than to the length and width of the leg. (Those legs would fit a super model they were that long!) Today in modern patterns a 12 would bury me and I have to cut an 8, so I am guessing that there is A LOT more ease these days. 

This is the first time since I don't know when that I have worn a wide leg trouser. It was my only question about making this but I was surprised how comfy they are to wear. And certainly quite cool for the rather warm Madeiran weather where this photo was taken. The pattern has a flared leg, but it did alter mine so that it was a straight leg all the way down.

I know jumpsuits are still quite hot right now, but as the pattern is old, I brought it up to date a little bit with the exposed contrast orange zip and a (not so visible) pattern contrast bias on the pocket edges.

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Monday, 30 October 2017

The Blackwood Cardigan

As a regular user of Instagram, I had seen the Blackwood Cardigan from  Helen's Closet popping up everywhere. I liked it instantly, but when I saw that it was only available as PDF pattern, I instantly dismissed it. Cutting and sticking is not my thing at all and I am always itching to get sewing as it is, without having all that to do first. But the more wonderful versions I saw of this pattern, the more I realised I was going to have to succumb.

And succumb I did. This was so worth all the cutting and sticking. Its not going to be a regular thing for me but I think  I could be tempted if something else jumps out as much as this did.

Printing, sticking and cutting aside, it makes up easy and quick thereafter.
There is no hemming on this cardigan. All the edges are on a fold so if you've got a fabric that you are unsure about hemming, this is the perfect pattern. No wavy edges here!

The sleeves are very long (they are meant to be) so I shortened mine by 1 1/2 inches before adding the cuff.  I only have a vest top under this and the sleeves are still a tad long, but over a jumper, the sleeves are perfect.

The main fabric from Sewsewsew is a polycotton lycra boucle. It doesn't have a huge amount of stretch across the width, so I cut my pattern crosswise where the stretch was greater.
I used a plain navy ponte knit for the cuff and pocket tops. I wanted the front band in navy too, but I didn't have enough as it was just a remnant piece left over from a skirt

I did find this comes up small. I've not seen anyone else mention this so it could be my fabric? My measurements were for a small but I measured the pattern pieces and it appeared that the Medium would give me more room to wear tops underneath. I'm so glad I went with this as the sleeve width is just about ok and the fit everywhere else is perfect. Had I made a small, I think it would have been a tad too small for me, especially with a jumper underneath in the cooler weather.

The appeal of this is it's a fabulous layering piece, without covering up what you're wearing underneath. It's classic and stylish  with a comfort factor all thrown into one.

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Sunday, 22 October 2017

M7651 ~ Autumn Camouflage

This was another of those patterns that I had to anxiously await to be released in the UK having seen it weeks before available to the US. I bought the print fabric in advance so as soon as that pattern was out, I'd be ready! Whilst waiting the pattern to be released I spotted the solid in a local store and bought 2 metres with a cardigan in mind. Yet when I got home, I couldn't believe how prefect it matched this print. The colour, the weight, even the brushed surface, were the same. I was so chuft! I later realised that had I made this dress all in the print, the fabulous shaping of the front yoke would have been lost. I only cut the 2 side front panels and the front and back yoke in the solid, and I think there's just enough left over to still make a short cardigan.

I am very partial to a high fitted neck, so I increased the width of the collar to make a turtle neck. I also had to cut off about 2" in the length for a snug fit.

Added bonus is the in-seam pockets! I liked how they are in the front panel too rather than the usual side seams. Just because its different. The dress is also lined, so thumbs up to that too. I just lined in a cream tricot.

For me, there is just enough fullness in the skirt without it being too girly.

I can see me making this one again. It was a lovely pattern to make up and for those what need it, it has cup sizes included too. There's more info over on my pattern review

Print fabric HERE was purchased from Minerva Crafts

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Sunday, 8 October 2017

V8742 ~ A Tealy Autumn

My autumn sewing seems to be in full swing this year. I have a queue of fabrics and patterns! This latest dress is a pattern I made previously (HERE) in 2013. I cant believe its been 4 years since I made that dress! Its taken me much longer than I had planned to make another. I still have the pumpkin orange dress and I like it such a lot.

The pattern V8742 has long since been discontinued. Ive wanted to make it in a patterned fabric for so long and although I like this, it looks nicer in a solid. If you look at the pumpkin orange version you'll see why. The gathers are so much more distinctive, and thats what this dress is about.

I think you have to know they are there to see them!
The fabric itself however is of perfect weight for a dress like this and it made up so nice. It's a recent purchase from 

I am quite partial to a high neck on my dresses. If I don't add one, I find I'm wrapping a scarf around my neck . Nothing wrong with scarfs, in fact I love them, but a scarf is not at all practical when your cooking and cleaning and doing general household chores! So I added the turtle neck collar from V9264

I made this dress back in September and have worn it quite a lot already. Can't beat a dress for lazy dressing! Add tights and boots (sometimes a hat!) and that's my autumn staple wardrobe!

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Dawn :)