Monday, 2 September 2013

Winter Wonderland Wedding Coat

I am hoping that this blog will help me share my sewing experiences and inspire others to sew. I love to look at other peoples work as often it helps to give me vision. I have had a long time away from sewing but the proposal of marriage and the dream of a Winter Wonderland Wedding got my creative juices flowing all over again. There aren't many brides with the vision of a real "Winter Queen" in a real winter wonderland, so off the peg was not gonna cut it. Leaving only one thing for it; to create that dream myself....

So here began, The Birth of a Wedding Coat

From this:

To this:

What DO you wear for a Winter Wedding when it's -17'c outside and -4'c in the Ice Chapel?!
For me, there was no question. I love cold, I love snow and all things sparkly white, crisp and even! So getting married in Lapland was a fairy-tale dream come true. I knew the moment we had decided to get married there exactly what I wanted to wear. I had this Winter Queen vision in my head and there was no way off the peg bridal wear was gonna clinch it! I hadn't sewn for years and then I decide to take on a major task like this! But boy was it worth it.
I'm pretty ok on pattern cutting (well I was at college!) but I  managed to find B6630 which with modifications, was perfect. I changed the leg-o-mutton sleeve to a more fitted sleeve, changed to a V neckline, added a hood and a detachable cape and trimmed everything with fur that was kindly supplied by and hey presto!

This is how it looked in the early days using the adapted Butterick Pattern

Then I added the hood and fur

Followed by a detachable cape

Which ended up like this

This truly was the most magical experience ever. It was just like stepping into NArnia. It was everything we had imagined and more. 
I leave you with photos that can say far more than I can!

Wedding Boots decorated with stick on gem snowflakes and diamantes

Fabric used was velvet  FROM HERE ~ Pattern Butterick 6630 ~
Covered Buttons FROM HERE ~ Fur Muff FROM HERE ~

(Un decorated) Campri Snow boots (similar) FROM HERE
You can read my Sewing Pattern Review for my Coat HERE

Winter ~ Queen


  1. Wow, you dress and coat are stunning! You look very much like a "Winter Queen"!:) Glad to see you've started a blog, I look forward to your future posts:)

  2. Wow, what a beautiful and unique wedding outfit. Love the boots too.

    1. Thank you! The best thing I have ever Made :)

  3. The "coolest" wedding I've ever seen! You and your dress and coat look lovely.

  4. You look beautiful. You did a great job on the dress!

  5. Beautiful wedding coats! I am getting married in winters at NYC wedding venues and needed nice coat for the day. Will prefer a coat that have detachable cap and have fur too. The coat shown here is just similar one. Going to buy a nice wedding dress from online only to get great discount.