Saturday, 5 October 2013

Vogue 1328

Kay Unger (New York) Dress

When I first saw Vogue 1328 designed by Kay Unger, somehow I only saw the red version of it and  didn't give it a second glance. But then some months later I spotted this purple version which really caught my eye.

 Then suddenly... inspiration! I had a vision of seeing this colour blocked in my favourite 2 colours together of pink and black.

With my new vision, I wanted to give this pattern a try as never having made a cowl neckline before I was keen to know how it went together. The side pleats on the front skirt and back midriff make this simple style quite effective.

Both the black and the pink fabrics are a ponte knit and both leftover from previous items I made. The pink I purchased some months ago from Ditto Fabrics to make a skirt, but this colour doesn't seem to be in stock at the moment. There is a similar one HERE and I know this to be nice quality as I have purchased this fabric from this seller in other colours.
The black I confess I bought for a dress that I made back in the very early 1990's!! So if you are ever thinking of throwing out your leftovers from a project, DON'T! It might just come in handy some 20 years later lol.
If you are looking for a similar fabric, Truro Fabrics have a lovely Ponte Knit in black HERE

Of course, true to form, Hubby's comment on this finished dress was "Did you run out of fabric..?" Never a dull moment in our house :)

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