Thursday, 7 November 2013

McCalls 6241 - Ladder Knit

This top must be the easiest and fastest pattern I have ever made! Cutting out aside, this made up in less than an hour (and that included hand sewing the hem!). There are only 3 pattern pieces so there isn't even much cutting out either! I almost bought McCalls 6797 but on closer inspection it did look a little too simple to make and I knew I wouldn't wear it with one short sleeve and one long. Well its no good having one cold arm is it?! ;)

So I had a look around and came across this one, McCalls 6241 which is fairly similar, (And of course it has two long sleeves!)  but it also has a little more detail with shoulder and side pleats which I found more attractive, particularly to make.

and worn....

It doesn't get great reviews on the Sewing Pattern Review website but not to be deterred, I decided to give it a go anyway. I'm glad I did because I didn't have any issues with it at all and I am far from disappointed! Most reviewers said it came up big but I think it's meant to be isn't it...? I cut the 8 and just took it in on the hemline and sleeve hems to embrace the negative ease for a snug fit where it matters!

The Pattern Envelope shows this top worn more like a cowl neckline and most other reviewers wore it like this too and looked great, but I envisaged this as being worn slightly off the shoulder as I love off the shoulder tops. It can be worn and looks good both ways but off the shoulder is my preference. Mine is also a lot longer (I made View C) but View B (shown) would have been plenty long enough.

I could see this pattern just shouting out to be made in a large print. I knew I wanted dark browns/greys/black so this unusual Ladder Knit print available from was perfect. It's a lovely soft jersey viscose and it was great for this pattern because it drapes beautifully for those soft loose pleats. It would make an absolutely wonderful fitted dress too! I love the quality of this fabric, I can't compliment it enough. And the ladder knit print has this casual off the shoulder look written all over it.

I've teamed this top with UPVC leggings for the photos but it would look just as good with jeans and wide leg trousers I'm sure. Mine is so long I could wear it as a dress if was brave enough and several years younger!!

Thanks for looking ~ Keep Smiling :)

The Winter~Queen


  1. Hello,that is a nice post ,love your idea there. I will follow your blog now. I have a sort of fashion blog Called Sweet Disorder
    there may be some ideas you like there! All the best Angela

    1. Hi Angela, just popped over to your blog, I love the lappish feel post. We went to Lapland last year and met some real lapps :)
      Thanks for your comments, nice to hear from someone local xx