Thursday, 16 January 2014

Make A Garment a Month Challenge

I am not really one for making New Year Resolutions. I am not strong willed! There still remains no resolutions this year although instead, I have decided to set myself a challenge of making one garment every month.

Ok, so I am currently posting items I have made, on here almost every week, so why the challenge you may wonder?

Why? because the work I do is very seasonal. During the winter months I work fewer hours giving more time for sewing. Whereas during the Summer months I work very long hours with few full days off. This is when I find time for myself much harder and this year, to add to this, hopefully, if everything goes through, we will be moving house!!!

So I contacted Sarah Liz from Make a Garment a Month Challenge and she has invited me to join the many others also interested in achieving this goal.

My first project is Vogue 2934.

I have kind of already started this, but we are already half way through January so I hope I can be excused for this! My aim is to get this completed before January is over! I have read this requires a lot of hand sewing and I need motivating to do this! I am making this for a family event and it's also going to need a dress to go with it (February's challenge perhaps...?!)

Thanks for stopping by ~ Keep Smiling

The Winter~Queen

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