Friday, 24 January 2014

Vogue 8305 ~ Christmas Green

I was inspired by another sewer to make this dress. She made it in a lovely animal print and it so attracted me to this pattern. It is such a same that I do not have any contact details to ask if I can provide a link to her dress and to take the credit for my inspiration.

By the time I saw her review and photos of this, the pattern had long since been discontinued and even OOP in the US. Boo Hoo :( But I was not to be deterred! I scoured the internet relentlessly until I finally found it from a US Seller on Ebay! Yaay! How happy was I?! :)

The pattern is Vogue 8305 which is one of those patterns with an entire wardrobe on it! I wanted the Dress (view C)

When it arrived I decided to keep it for and up and coming family event. I knew exactly what colour I wanted to make it in and I had just the pattern to make a jacket to go over the top. But then we booked a holiday and I wanted a dress for Christmas day. I had this Christmas Green Ponte Roma in my stash so this is how this dress eventually came about!

I am not entirely sure where I bought the fabric as I have had it some time but I think it was Minerva Crafts. It's still available HERE in the Emerald Green and loads of other colours too.

I love this raised neckline and I love the gathers.

The pumpkin orange dress I made back in October Blogged Here had become my favourite pattern  out-doing McCalls 6801 but now this has even out-done the pumpkin orange (Vogue 8742)
I like this pattern so much that I will be using it again as originally planned, for the family event and it will be on my cutting table very soon!

But for now this Christmas Green has come up tops and is my favourite dress :)

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  1. This is a very pretty dress! I love the fabric color and the style is perfect for you :) Well done!

  2. This green is pretty and I love the way the neckline fits!