Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Vogue 8305 ~ Winter White

February Magam Challenge

This dress is my Make a Garment a Month Challenge for February. This months theme was based on the meaning of the month of February; the time of the feast of purity, the time of rain and snow, the month of pearls and ice.

I adore anything and everything wintry and white, so I was well up for this! If only we had some lovely wintry white snow to go with it....

Enter Vogue 8305 in Winter White

When I bought this pattern it was to make it in Winter White that I had in mind, but ended up making it in Christmas Green (HERE). But thanks to this months Magam theme, it has inspired me to make it again in my original chosen colour in a lovely ponte roma fabric (available HERE from sky fabrics). This one came up slightly bigger than my Green one. It wasn't until after I'd finished making it that I realised this fabric had more stretch. But it's barely noticeable

Did I mention last time that this is currently my favourite dress pattern of all time? Of course I did! I just love the asymmetrical gathering. 

I am pretty sure that other than my Winter Wonderland Wedding Dress and Coat I have never worn or made anything in just white and I am loving it!

I made the dress (View C) but sadly the pattern has been discontinued for some time. If you can get hold of one, cease the moment, this pattern is awesome!! :)

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Vogue 8555 ~ Oh Sweetheart

I am a bit late but this was meant to be my Valentine's post! 
I didn't go for Valentine's colours (red and white or red and black?) but instead a dress with a sweetheart neckline! (Did you see what I did there?! ) Because this dress is definitely all about the neckline.

This is Vogue 8555. I made View C (the black one, bottom middle)

This was one of the first patterns I bought after all my Wedding Sewing so I have had this pattern for quite some time and the fabric even longer. In fact I've had the fabric much much much longer!! Since the early 90's longer! It's about the time when my sewing fizzled out due to having left home for the first time and building my own new life. But several house moves and quite a few years later, this well travelled piece of fabric has finally become a dress.

As far as I can tell, this fabric is some kind of polyester crepe. It worked well for this dress although something with a little more substance would have made the sleeves less "saggy". In hindsight perhaps I should have lined them as the rest of the dress is all lined.

 The purple and pink colours are much clearer in this photo

 Such a pretty bodice and neckline. You can't much tell with my patterned fabric but there are also pleats on neckline. So much lovely detail, this pattern is definitely a winner!

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Burda 7133 ~ Adam Ant?

Have you ever made something and not been entirely happy with it? Or, more to the point, not been happy with it at all? Of course you have! We all have! Including me, and this is one of mine. Made back in October, I have ignored this dress all this time but finally, out it has come, albeit showcased to the minimum...

The Pattern is Burda 7133 (shown better here on the diagram rather than the model photos)

I find with most patterns, you have to look beyond the fashion model and look at the pattern diagrams to see the pattern detail to it's full potential, and this, I loved instantly. I still do. I'm just not overly happy with my version of it. Which is a shame as I love the design and it's construction. But I guess that's dressmaking for you; you see your own errors whereas others perhaps wouldn't even notice.

I confess the failure of this project is entirely my own fault. I made the mistake of under-lining it. Deciding on cream and brown colour blocking, using negative ease for fit, I knew the cream would be too transparent. So I under lined it. (Goodness knows why I didn't just line it, I am still asking myself that question now) but hey ho what's done is done. 

 I finally put this dress on a couple of weeks ago ready for showcasing. I'm glad that I did as I have tweaked around with it a bit and I am happier :)  I am quite liking it more than I did originally and still loving the sleeves so not all bad! The lace was an latter addition as I had originally just left them plain. I think they have made all the difference! And I'd forgotten how nice and soft this ponte roma fabric is (available HERE from sky fabrics in many colours and a bargain at £5 per metre). I under lined it in tricot from my stash, although I wouldn't recommend it. The underlining that is, not the fabric! haha ;)

Sleeve detail finished with a lace trim


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The Winter~Queen

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Self drafted pinkie pink skirt

I wasn't sure whether to add this on my blog, but since this is meant to be a log of everything I make, and having argued with myself (haha!) I've come to the decision to include it. 

But before anyone gets excited and starts thinking "ooh that's a lovely cardigan" sadly I have to say, it's not the cardigan we're talking about here. It's the skirt that I made and so obviously I had to team the skirt with a top!

I have also made a blue one of these HERE. Both are made from Ponte Roma which are no longer available from where I bought it but check out THESE from Minerva crafts.

I didn't use a pattern. It's quite simply just a rectangle cut to my waist measurement (plus 1") for the width and then the required finished length (also plus 1" for the waist and another 1" for the hem).

There is only one seam which is centre back. The waist is elasticated and then I hand stitched the hem. Skirt done! 
Team with a nice top and you're ready to go!

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The Winter~Queen