Thursday, 6 February 2014

Self drafted pinkie pink skirt

I wasn't sure whether to add this on my blog, but since this is meant to be a log of everything I make, and having argued with myself (haha!) I've come to the decision to include it. 

But before anyone gets excited and starts thinking "ooh that's a lovely cardigan" sadly I have to say, it's not the cardigan we're talking about here. It's the skirt that I made and so obviously I had to team the skirt with a top!

I have also made a blue one of these HERE. Both are made from Ponte Roma which are no longer available from where I bought it but check out THESE from Minerva crafts.

I didn't use a pattern. It's quite simply just a rectangle cut to my waist measurement (plus 1") for the width and then the required finished length (also plus 1" for the waist and another 1" for the hem).

There is only one seam which is centre back. The waist is elasticated and then I hand stitched the hem. Skirt done! 
Team with a nice top and you're ready to go!

Thanks for stopping by ~ Keep Smiling :)

The Winter~Queen

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