Sunday, 25 May 2014

McCalls 3650 ~ Howdy partners!

Yea Ha! Finally we are connected to the outside world again!!

And finally, I have a sewing room again!
Ok so its not decorated to my tastes yet but it's up and running which is all that matters right now and here is my first make.

When I started to pack up my old sewing room 3 or 4 weeks ago, I came across this pattern, McCalls 3650 that I had bought back in the 1990's, forgotten all about and never made! What a little hidden gem as this hasn't dated at all.

Needless to say it is now OOP but  there is still the odd copy floating around and about on the likes of eBay, Amazon etc.

I cut out the strapless version of View C but with the long sleeves of View A and B.  But once it was finished all but the hem I decided I actually quite liked it loose and so didn't put in the hem elastic

But then having worn it once, despite loving the look of this, especially from the back , I wasn't liking the feel of the fly-away hem and so latterly went back to the sewing machine and put the hem elastic in after all!

As you can see I inserted the elastic loosely; just enough to reduce the "fly away" look and create more of a blousen appearance without it being too fitted.

This is my first sewing project for May so it's not really been a sewing month for me at all. Yet I couldn't let a month go by without at least one make so this pattern was ideal for something quick and easy and with fabric I already had. It was a great top to make and I even did French seams throughout due to the sheer fabric which is a White Woven Slub Polycotton and available HERE from Minerva Crafts. It's perfect for this type of top but would look just a wonderful in a pretty patterned cotton.

My French seams!

I am loving everything about this top. I cant believe I never made it when I bought it. I have always been a fan of the off the shoulder look and these long frilly sleeves just make it so pretty. I am already seeing this in a pretty mini floral cotton.... :)

Thanks for stopping by and I'll try not to leave it so long next time!

Happy Sewing Everyone :)

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Vogue 8766 - Summer Stripes

Well we've finally done it... we've moved house! We are surrounded by boxes every which way we look and an up and running sewing room for myself is nowhere to be seen soon boo hoo.

 So with no sewing done, it's time to grab the "oldies" out of the closet.
I made this dress back in March of last year for our Honeymoon Cruise, but I wasn't blogging back then so this is the perfect opportunity to try to get everything up to date and logged.

This is Vogue 8766 
It's a fabulous little pattern as there are so many different dresses to be made in one envelope. I made a shorter version of View B

and played around with the stripes before cutting to make them more of a feature

This was a great dress for our Caribbean Cruise. I made it in a lovely blue and white stripe Polycotton  available HERE from Quick Fabrics for the bargain price of £3 per metre! And to keep it cool for wearing I lined it with white Muslin also from Quick Fabrics (HERE)

All I need now is some lovely sunny British weather (HA!) so I can wear it again. Or of course, another visit to The Caribbean would be a much better offer!

I reviewed this pattern a year ago; you can view that HERE

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Happy Sewing :)

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Vogue 8825 ~ Charlie's Angel.....?

I feel like a 1970's Charlie's Angel in this dress. Perhaps that's why I don't feel comfortable in it as looking at their characteristics a Charlie's Angel I would not make!

(From left to right) SabrinaShe is intelligent and serves as the unofficial leader of the trio
Jill ~ She is athletic and charismatic
Kelly ~ She grew up in an orphanage, providing her with the toughness to survive

But then along came Kris who replaced her sister Jill.

 Kris  is charming and mildly clumsy, providing comic relief in many situations. Hmmm... oh, Ok then, perhaps there is a little hope for me yet!

This is  Vogue 8825. I am a bit late in jumping on the band wagon of this popular pattern. I'd seen it but it never really caught my eye until  another Pattern Reviewer (Sew Good) brought it to my attention with her beautiful version of it (See Here) Isn't her dress just so pretty?
 So I don't really know what I was thinking when I bought this pink/black/white spandex blend jersey. I even bought it with this pattern in mind, yet all the detail is lost with such a busy print as you can see.

This is the diagram...

and this is my dress..

I'd been so excited to get this dress made because I'd really fallen for the style and I love the colours in the fabric. Yet I just don't feel right in it. Why? I have absolutely no idea! Maybe perhaps it just isn't me, because there is nothing wrong at all with this fabulous pattern. It's a style that would be flattering to almost every shape and size and these sleeves are just the best! I am totally loving these sleeves and the huge wide barrel cuffs!

There is nothing wrong with the fabric either. The fabric is gorgeous. In my opinion It's just not the right print for this dress. It was lovely to work with  and it's a nice stable knit but soft enough for drape. I bought it from Truro Fabrics which is my local store. Well if you can call 20 miles away local, but it's the nearest! I've heard some bloggers drive for miles and miles to the nearest fabric store!

On close up, the print is not so bad. From a distance it's all just a colourful blur! There's a lovely wrap-around tie in there somewhere...

Oh yes.... there it is!

Anyhows I'm just not feeling it at all in this dress. So it's sadly one of those I am just going to have to put down to experience.
What do you guys think?

 I can hope of course that perhaps one of Charlie's Angels will snap it up and take it off my hands.... haha;)

To read My Sewing Pattern Review for this dress CLICK HERE

It's actually a sad day today in the sewing room as I have stitched my last stitch and packed away the machines ready for the move. Look at my poor room it's almost bare and empty :(

But on a brighter note, I will have a new room to move into in the new house which will be totally dedicated to sewing and sewing only :) It's just going to take a while to get it all up and running!

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Happy Sewing!
Dawn :)x