Thursday, 19 June 2014

New Look 6121 ~ Country Chic

Since moving into our lovely new home my sewing mojo has been totally zapped and taken over by room ideas, decorating and DIY. I have been unable to get my creative juices proper flowing.

So one quiet evening that I had to myself last week, I took myself off into my new sewing room and spent a couple of hours looking at patterns, fabrics and sewing blogs. I bought a couple of different fabrics and sewing patterns, all of which arrived within days! It's always exciting to get new fabrics so it was enough for me to get the mojo going again to finish this project I started in May.

This was meant to be my project for the May Magam Challenge but due to the design changes I wanted to make, a new house and no sewing room, there wasn't time to complete :(

This is New Look 6121's pattern envelope

Believe it or not, I made the Dress on View B. But as I'm not keen on wearing skirts and tops I made it to look like a skirt and top! (were you fooled...?!!)

I cut the pattern at the waistline then added a couple of inches to the bodice length to give that blouson effect.

I also changed the neckline from a V-neck to a slightly more rounded neck.

The top part is a bright orange soft and silky crepe polyester (now OOS). But not wanting to look like a tangerine I toned it down with this gorgeous Brown/Beige Animal Print Soft Polyester for the skirt which is made up of 3 tiered gathered panels.

Both are available from Minerva Crafts. I Love, love, love the skirt fabric!! Soft, floaty and uncreasable to matter how hard you try! And the perfect partner for my Tangerine orange ;)

This is a throwover, loose fitting dress with no fastenings. This is what it actually looks like:
Not a flattering look! (not on me anyway)

So to give it some shape and to hide the waist seam join I added a wide belt to complete the look.

Add cowboy boots and hat and you even get that proper country gal look!

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Thanks for stopping by :)

Happy Sewing
Dawn :)x


  1. Yep you fooled me- how clever, not given much thought about the old mix up of fabric technique before now. Definitely agree teaming it with the belt, it just pulls the whole outfit together. Glad your up n sewing again partner :D

    1. Lol you never fail to make me smile with your wit Amanda :)x

  2. What a clever idea - it certainly looks like separates, but unlike separates is going to stay tucked in and not so bulky around the middle. Looks great - glad you're setting back down into things.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz. Totally agree with the not so bulky around the middle; one of main reasons for making it :)x