Sunday, 6 July 2014

SImplicity 1425 ~ Peplum Parade

Quite simply, I was inspired by another blogger for this top. But it has been so long since I came across the photo and saved it, that I can't remember which blog it was, to pass on the credit :(

I chose this top for my June MAGAM challenge because
A) I have wanted to make it for so long
And B) The theme this month was to make something Feminine and Bright.
This fit the bill perfectly so it gave me a push in the right direction to finally make it.

This is the lovely top that caught my eye.  I remember this was purchased so I set out to replicate it

I chose Simplicity 1425 for the pattern

I made View C

I originally intended to make this in a black and white fabric as per the inspiration photo, but as I picked this for the MAGAM challenge, something a little more vibrant was required to keep in with the theme.

 I came across THIS from Minerva Crafts
This catalogue photo shows the colours much better

I just had to have it. Out went the black and white and in came the black, white and red! It was only later that noticed that it is very similar to View C on the pattern envelope!

I guess I am a bit slow (well, more than a bit) jumping on the peplum band wagon. Peplums were something I often wore back in the 80's.

Wooo check out me sporting a peplum back in the day....!!
I made this outfit too but I have no idea which sewing pattern it came from. One of my biggest regrets is throwing out most of all my old patterns. What do you do? Keep or save...? Since I started sewing again, I've kept every one.

McCalls 6844 was a hugely popular sewing pattern last year and I'd never considered wearing a peplum again until then. (You can see that top Blogged HERE

Anyways back to the item in question. I am totally loving this top. It's even made me don a pair of jeans (again!!) I didn't realise until I came to make it that there are pleats in the peplum giving it that extra fluting

I also didn't realise until I read the instructions through, that the back is fastened with just loops and buttons, and only 3 at that. What?!! I have no idea what Simplicity were thinking with that idea.
Another Reviewer recommended an exposed zipper instead so that's what I did. And what a genius idea it was too! FitDiva from the Sewing Pattern Review Website must take all credit for this. I started the zip a few inches down so just used one button and loop at the very top to fasten at the neck.

Look at me getting all brave using a bright contrast red instead of playing it safe with a white one!

I know that this is going to sound ridiculous but this is the first time I have swayed away from armhole and neckline facings! I was always taught to use facings on armholes and necklines but it does seem to look very "old hat" these days.

 So it was time to try a new method and I am now asking myself why I never did this sooner?! It gives a much more professional finish. Not bad either for my first attempt even if I do say so myself! Haven't quite been brave enough to make my own binding yet, (despite my Mum giving me a handy little tool to do so) but I am converted that's for sure.

And finally, I just had to add this final shot as my lovely Hubby was kind enough to trust me on his bike lol

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Until next time

Happy Sewing :)


  1. Vavavoom Dawn!- quite fancied a peplum number and now found a pattern to fill this gap- Love the fabric (now sold out:() well done on your neat armholes- you cant say that to many without getting a funny look!! xx

    1. Thanks Amanda! I am waiting anxiously to see your version now! :)x

  2. Lovely top! I was just having a facepalm moment this morning after discovering I've thrown away way too many of my old pattern magazines. When I was clearing my sewing space last year it seemed like a good idea to make some room for new patterns but I miss this old ones so much!

    1. Me too Marianne. My Mum had some amazing ones too, much older than mine. They too are no more :( Hindsight is a wonderful thing isnt it?!x

  3. Cute top I like the contrasting zip clever idea

  4. What a gorgeous little top - I love that exposed zip, it gives a cheeky edge to this top. It really does suit you nicely.

    I love the picture of you in the 80's - especially the hair. I seem torecall having hair like that too :).

    With old patterns - I tossed years ago - luckily I can't remember what I had, so I don't really miss them. I don't think I will again though, unless it is something that really will not work.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz :) I still have some of the clothes that I made back in the 80's so obviously I remember the patterns well!
      Btw, did you grow up over here or OZ? :)x