Saturday, 20 September 2014

McCalls 6788 ~ Fashionstar ~ A little bit of old, turned into new

Over a period of several months this pattern went through the process of 3 different fabric combinations, which is why it has taken me this long to make a pattern I bought 12 months ago.

On purchasing McCalls 6788 it was with all intent to buy some tweedy looking jersey matched with some beigey looking jersey. But hey ho I couldn't find any at the time to compliment one another so on the back burner it went. 

I am a member of the MAGAM Challenge  and the challenge for last month was to make up an item of clothing using up fabric from your stash. I already had a project I wanted to complete for last month but the stash buster challenge led me anyway to sifting through what I already had. I came across some fabulous crushed velour in bright burgundy which went perfectly with some ponte roma I also already had.

 This dress would have looked amazing in this! Yet when I checked the fabric quantity I had nowhere near enough of the velour (groan). Having had the fabric that long (and when I say long, I mean loooooong! It's so old I've had it 20 years!) I had totally forgotten it was only 90cm wide and McCalls 6788  requires a minimum width of 150cms for the bodice of this dress. So that was that idea also blown away and back to the drawing board I went once again.

As it turned out I also had this red and black (viscose?) jersey (also 20 years old!!) in just the right amount of fabric and this pillar-box red Ponte roma (only last year old), also in just the right amount! 

I didn't particularly want to make this pattern in black and red; especially as my last sew was red, but I was determined to use up what I had. And you know what...? Not a bad selection of fabrics after all!

As you can see from the pattern diagram above, the pattern calls for a shoulder bow which I omitted as it made it look to dressy for my casual look. And to make it even more casual, this is a great dress pattern to throw on a long sleeve top underneath for those cooler autumnal days

If you have seen any of my previous makes, you may have noticed that I tend to chop the skirt length off to above the knee. Mostly for autumn/winter dresses. It's just a personal preference as for me they are easier to wear this length and with tights for winter they look better on me this way. Almost cut the length off this one, only when I tried it on for fitting I just thought "you know what... I'm going to leave this as it is. Just for a change!" So I did!
**UPDATE**  the length has been chopped!! For an every day dress on a straight skirt, knee length is not practical for me. I live in a hilly area and walk a lot!!**

I love how the armholes are actually made from leaving part of the shoulder seam open. And it fooled me. Before I read through the instructions my mind was telling me the armholes went in the side seams. Just goes to show... don't ever assume you know best lol

I often wonder why Pattern Companies add zips to jersey dresses? Err it's jeresy...?! This pattern also had a zip but in this case, the pattern has a waistband. I didn't want the zip (they rarely look nice in stretch fabrics anyway) so I made it up without the waistband and threw a belt on instead. Job done!


Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read :)

Happy Sewing!
Dawn :)x


  1. It's gorgeous - I'll bet you are pleased to have finally used up the fabric - your stash sounds as old as mine - it's ages since the 90cm width has been sold.

    I love your version over the top - you could wear tights too, and it would work. Very versatile :)

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz :) And Yes I aim to wear it with black tights when it gets a bit cooler. x

  2. Great job. You can't go wrong with a bit of red to bring some cheer as the weather gets cooler. Though I do hope you find a use for those gorgeous burgundy fabrics they look a lovely combination.

    1. Thanks Tracy! Yes the burgandy ones are great arent they? Why I only bought such a small amount of the crushed velour I'll never know! :)x

  3. Here, Here, love red... you can't be old enough to have that kinda stash unless it was left to you in a will!! LOL xx Love the dress/combo your really clever on these - need to expand my field me thinks - great work !

    1. Haha thanks! You crack me up lol :) The camera clearly lies... ;)x