Sunday, 1 February 2015

McCalls 7057 ~ Winter Warmer

Hi Everyone

Winter has well and truly arrived in the little far western corner of our world. And how warm and cosy do I feel in this? There is nothing I love more than wrapping up for winter on a cold, fresh sunny day and to go out there and brave the elements. It doesn't really matter how cold it is outside, pile on the layers and no matter what the temperature, it's good to feel warm on the inside. Russian hat, woolly socks, a few layers and this jacket, and I'm toasty and snug.

This pattern appealed because of the soft draped hood, which doubles as a collar and a shawl collar when worn down.

With this being the feature, I used a contrast fabric to accentuate this. I was also a tad concerned that this jacket would resemble a dressing gown, particularly due to my colour choice, so I chose a knitted fur effect , hairy kind of eyelash fabric. Never used this fabric before and whilst the finished results are pretty amazing, I wasn't praising it so much whilst working with it. Man, the fibres from this fabric get everywhere. And I mean everywhere! Totally worth it though. And it was surprisingly easy to work with (if you don't mind the mess!)

Both fabrics are from Minerva Crafts. And despite having purchased these only recently, I can no longer find either on the website. I think it's currently still under construction for a makeover, as it has a completely new look, so this maybe why? Speaking of the new look, I have to mention that included in this new look, is the lifted restriction of buying in multiples of full metres only. If you only need 1.1m, you now only have to buy 1.1m. How awesome is this? It's the first time I have come across a website that lets you buy less than multiples of 0.5m. Go check it out...

The pattern I've used is McCalls 7057. It's unlined but I lined mine with tricot as I didn't much fancy taking this on and off without.

The fabric suggestions recommend stretch knits. I've used a stretch knit (like a jersey sweatshirt) but I don't see why this can't be made up in a lovely soft fleece. How cosy would that be?

**(2 minutes later update!! Just been over to the PR Website and someone actually has already made it in a fleece fabric. So there you go!)**

The instructions come with all kinds of fit adjustments, but as this is so loose and baggy I should think most people could just make it straight up out of the envelope. I made the size Small and could have gotten away with an extra small. This comes up big, but I'm cool with that as it leaves plenty of room for big jumpers and/or layers underneath.

Oh and it has in-seam side pockets. YaaY!

One negative is that there are no belt loops for the belt (Why?). I just added some thread loops to stop that baby getting lost. I lose gloves like there's no tomorrow, I am not loosing this as well!
I also top stitched my belt. It's not specified in the instructions but I did because, well, that's what you do for a more pro finish right? Right.

The final finishing touch was adding cuffs to match the collar. Complete the look with Russian hat, gloves and boots. Job done. Winter weather, yeah I'm ready..!

And of course, this can also be worn as a shawl collar for the extra bit of added warmth over the shoulders. Lush :)

Or, wear it as a hood if you forget your hat! ;)

I have noticed since taking the photos that the inside front is dropping down a little. This is double breasted so it's going to need a button/press stud on the inside to to stop it slipping.

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Happy Sewing!
Dawn :)x


  1. Looks gorgeous, perfect for the colder weather the hat and gloves are the perfect accessories

    1. Thanks Tracy. Hubby likes it so it must be a success ;)x

  2. Love this! Looks great with the hat!

    1. Thanks Star. That's the hat I bought for Lapland, so I love having the opportunity to wear it again. It's FREEZING here :)x

  3. Love this on you! The eyelash fabric is a lot of fun. I love pockets too!

  4. this looks great!
    FYI Ditto fabrics -( will sell you any length from 0.3 mtres upwards and have a good selection.

    1. Thank you for that; I will definitely check them out :)x

  5. Perfect outfit for winter. Your jacket is so pretty and cosy! Love the fabrics and the pattern. Great idea to added the belt loops. Well done!

  6. Now you are a Russian Winter Queen - this is gorgeous Dawn - the wrap style really suits you. Its cute, inside and out, love the lining too - it needs that and adds a bit more warmth.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz :) Hehe like the Russian Winter Queen comment! :)x