Friday, 13 March 2015

Style Arc ~ Elle Pant

So last week, I whipped up a pair of desperately needed trousers for work.

And having whipped them up so quickly, I whipped up another pair!

I've casually browsed the patterns of Style Arc from time to time but never actually bought anything. To be honest I never really seriously looked because I assumed that postage from Australia to the UK would be horrendous. But on needing to update my work wardrobe, I remembered seeing a trouser pattern that had looked pretty similar to what I was after. That trouser pattern is called Elle

Turns out that the postage to the UK was only about £3 too. So in total this pattern has cost around £10 but I will use this again and again. And seeing as I've already used it twice that's reduced it to £5 already right? Right!

Being new to Style Arc I didn't quite know what to expect. Delivery was pretty quick (8 days) considering it literally came from the other side of the world . 
The pattern comes A4 size in a cellophane sleeve and is printed on good sturdy white paper. A bit like Kwik Sew Patterns. You also get a little freebie sample of the recommended fabric suggestion which is an awesome idea and a great touch. 
I would say though that some sewing knowledge is needed. Although there are some techniques and tips on the Style Arc Website

I have to be comfortable at work because I am constantly on the go.  Up and downstairs all day, bending, fetching, carrying, you name it! So no bulky waistbands or fastenings is a must. This pattern has an elasticated waist but I found they actually don't need the elastic if you use the recommended fabric of Bengaline, which I did. I cut my waistband 2" smaller than the waist of my trousers, and stretched it to fit as I attached it. By using the negative ease in the waistband, these babies stay up and they stay put all day long! Even in my job. Result.

Flat waistband. No bulk :)

The fit wasn't bad at all really. I had to take them in on the waist and hip line of the back trouser piece by about 1" per side, (personal preference) because I like to use the negative ease to get a comfortable fit. I did find however that my hippo legs had to squeeeeeeeze into the first pair I made! Unless you have marvellously slim legs, these are more like a skinny fit than a slim fit! So for the 2nd pair I widened the legs to make them more "slim" rather than skinny. 

This is the first pair

And this is the second pair

You can't really tell any different because 
A) they are black!
and B) because the first pair is using the fabric stretch to fit around my calf, whereas the 2nd pair are cut to fit the width of my calf.
So there is no real physical difference, they just feel different. The fit is good if you have slim legs. Which sadly I don't!

You can see the entire trousers much better in my bright red and white spotty socks!

So anyhows, hopefully here ends my days of sewing in black  and sewing for work. I've enjoyed making new clothes for work as it's introduced me to 2 new indie pattern companies Colette and Style Arc. But if I ever see black fabric again this year it will be too soon!

So now I'm off to work with some wonderfully bright and wonderfully pink, fabric! YaaY... colour!

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read :)
Happy Sewing!

Dawn :)x


  1. Trousers look great Dawn. Like you I struggle to sew with dark colours - give me something bright and cheerful that lifts your heart any day. But needs must and you have some very practical pieces for work that were fairly easy, quick sews.

    1. Thanks Tracy. I agree, needs must! And Ive worn these loads already :)x

  2. Hi Dawn, you did a great work on the pants! They fit you nicely :) I am planning to make a pants and in dark color too. Hope it will turn out good.
    I agree with Tracy, we all need some practical garments :)

  3. Great looking trousers. I have never used a StyleArc pattern myself either but I should probably try one. Every one I have seen reviewed looks great and yours is no exception. Great job and I love the spotty socks!

    1. Thanks Star. Gotta love the socks to complete the outfit hehe ;) x

  4. Great work basics - and they probably fit better than anything you could buy. Probably easier than tramping around shopping centres as well! What a great idea about the waistband - it opens up lots of possibilities.

    These look great - I agree, making basics like this in black is a little bit boring, but such great results. Now you can make something brighter :)

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz. Worn these loads already. And the bright colours have come out already! x

  5. wow they look great Dawn - I've been looking for a leggingy type pattern myself, so cheers for the heads up x

    1. Thanks Amanda! Highly recommend the pattern go get it girl...! x