Tuesday, 14 April 2015

McCall's 3341 ~ Denim Skirt

Unselfish Sew For My Mom :)

Yes, Yes, should have pressed this! But I folded it for posting, then realised I needed a photo or two...!

Since Mine and Mum's fabric shopping trip last month I have been more excited about sewing for someone else other than me. It was Mum who taught me to sew from such a very young age and I will cherish this gift she has given me forever more.  Mum's kind of lost her sewing mojo of late so its time to give her something back. Clothes for her, Made by me.

 McCalls 3341 Denim Skirt is my first unselfish sew. 
Mum wearing it :)

And it's a pretty good fit too considering I only had measurements to go by with Mum being 270 miles away

And as this is for Mum, I also wanted to make it that extra bit special  by adding some nice finishing touches because I knew she would appreciate these. And she did! So I used a ribbon trim finish to the facing 

 And the hem

and to make some fancy skirt hangers 

For some reason we only bought 1 metre, so finding a pattern to give us enough length and flare that Mum wanted was a bit restricting. But this simple A-line is perfect in denim. 
And because it's a simple, plain design, on completion, I latterly decided to jazz it up a little on the outside by adding the same ribbon trim at the hemline.

It just finishes it off perfectly!

I haven't been this excited about making something in ages. Yes I love sewing, but doing this for my Mum just gave me even more pleasure than usual. And Mum is over the moon with it so I guess that's what you call a job well done :)

I can remember a time when Mum used to make clothes for me. And how proud I'd feel going to school in dresses and coats that everyone admired and no-one else had. 
Now here I am some years later making clothes for Mum.... how times have changed....

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read :)
Happy Sewing!

Dawn :) x


  1. awww Dawn that's great- there's definitely a warm fuzzy feeling you get seignior for others- it don't last long so don't worry HAHAHAHA xx love the special touches xx

    1. Hahaha... well its got to last at least 4 more makes!!!
      Thanks :) xx

  2. Lovely skirt the ribbon really gives it that extra special touch. I had a similar experience making a blouse for my mum it's lovely to feel you are giving something back and making it with so much love. It does the soul good to make for loved ones every once in a while. You can also learn a lot from making to suit different body shapes, styles and ages.

    1. You are so right Tracy, and thank you :)x

  3. Good for you. This is fantastic. I hope your Mum loves it and wears it often.

  4. You are a very sweet daughter, Dawn. I love the finishing ribbon and the whole skirt is so lovely :)
    Thanks for sharing the idea of skirt hanger, I will copy it :)