Sunday, 31 May 2015

Butterick See and Sew 5972 ~ Under The Apple Tree

Congratulations to me!! Wearing a summer dress for the first time this year (and not just for photos!)
Wore this all day and loved it. And to think I contemplated at one stage not even finishing it...

This is a Butterick See and Sew pattern and I think we can clearly say that I saw this and sewed it, without reading the pattern envelope properly first!
Yes the more observant of you will have noticed that I made a slight boo boo with this. The pattern on my fabric doesn't match on the bodice. It clearly states on the back of the pattern envelope "unsuitable for obvious diagonals" (which I failed to read). But hey the pattern on my fabric is maybe a bit diagonal but it's not "obvious" right? Well it clearly wasn't to me when I was cutting it out!

But hey ho, I had 2 choices; to either ditch it or just carry on regardless. And as you are looking at me wearing this dress, it doesn't take a genius to see that I took the latter option.

I figured that as the pattern cost me a grand total of £1 and the fabric £4, why wouldn't I? For the sake of £5 I thought I'd have a perfectly wearable dress to potter about the house in. But you know what... I love this dress!! Despite the fact the pattern matching is a bit out, this is my favourite sew in a long time.  I only wore it at home the other day but let's face it, I'm pretty sure if I wear this out and about hardly anyone would notice.

With the exception of the pattern photo on the envelope(!) I loved everything about this pattern. Loved the construction, love the style, fit, practicality, all those gathers, and the finished result. 

The pattern is a now OOP Butterick 5972  from the Making History collection, and I only bought it because it was £1. The pattern envelope looks rather dated (hence the Making History) but sometimes you just have to look past what's right in front of you. And all this needed was a few tweeks and a more up-to-date fabric (preferably one without obvious diagonals!!)

I made a couple of amendments by replacing the elasticated sleeves for sleeves gathered onto a self-drafted cuff and I stitched down the wrapover front to avoid gaping. 
I also interfaced the yoke pieces. I have no idea why pattern companies don't tell you to do this. 

The back bodice is gathered onto the yoke

The waist is elasticated which makes for easy wearing and gives that lovely blouson effect worn with an (also elasticated!) belt

And the best feature of all...

....all these gathers in the skirt. Yaay! :)

I can definitely seeing me making this again should we be lucky enough to get a holiday in the sun later this year!

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Happy Sewing!
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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

McCalls 7054 ~ A bit of Boho Chic

Let's not get excited, this post isn't about the (purchased!) top, but the skirt. Yes, this (black) skirt.

I made this skirt back in February but didn't blog it as everything else I was blogging at the time was also black! We have had an influx of visitors of late so as I haven't had much time for sewing, I thought I'd fill the gap with this little number. 

I bought this pattern on a whim. Saw the fluted hem, so I bagged it. Totally not realising until afterwards that I didn't really need it. I could have just adapted previously made Simplicity 1321. But hey ho, it saved me from having to alter the flounce and also get that beautiful dipped curve right. I made View A. I was pretty ok at pattern cutting in college many moons ago, but I guess I'm too lazy to have a go these days. I just want to just jump straight on in there and get sewing!

Love this little skirt, but I didn't love so much the lack of detail in construction. It's a flat front but the waistline isn't faced, nor interfaced. It's lined, I'll give it that (that's a love btw) but there is just no structure to it at all. It doesn't even specify to stay stitch the waistline! I didn't face my waist onto the lining but I did interface it.

Pleased with the end result though. And its so practical to wear because of the flat front (no waistband) and the fabric doesn't crease.

I originally bought this crepe fabric from Minerva Crafts to make a skirt for work (hence why it's black) but the drape of the fabric is just so soft, it seemed such a shame not to make it into a pretty little skirt with a flounce. So I somewhat got distracted from work clothes and made this instead! I also had some black lace fabric kindly forwarded on to me last summer by the lovely Amanda from which I could just visualise for the lower flounce. So yes OK it's black but it's pretty and it goes with a multitude of tops.

The lace lower flounce

The top I am wearing here isn't made (don't shoot me!) I purchased it from Sheinside for the bargain price of £12 with free P&P. And as I'm not up for doing (or interested in) machine embroidery I feel no remorse for buying it! Plus, it's pretty cute and goes so well with the (now not so) new skirt and my super Handmade Laidback London Boots

I have to give the boots a mention of their very own because they are just super, super awesome! Imagine wearing your favourite warm, cosy comfy slippers out and about all all day? Well that's just what these beauties feel like. And they are perfect for our currently typical British Spring weather (cold!)

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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Vogue 8873 ~ Blooming Blue Flowers

April MAGAM completed

I have had this dress finished for about 3 weeks. So although I missed the end of the month for taking photos and posting, I did actually finish my April MAGAM in April!

The theme for this month's MAGAM challenge was Coloured Showers, Blooming Flowers. We were in the midst of the beginning of Spring when I chose the Blooming Flowers for my project this month, but Spring came, teased us with some lovely sunshine and then Spring went again! 

But despite the down turn in weather, the flowers in our garden are still blooming, and to put me in good sewing spirits, at least I had the Spring sunshine, shining through my sewing room windows whilst making this dress.

It's been a while (too long) since I last made a dress so I was very excited to get started on this one. My pattern is Vogue 8873 and I made View D
The pattern states that this dress is close fitting. It's not. And proving this fact is the model wearing it
Hmmm what's fitted about this?!

I made my usual size 8 but had to take it in quite a bit on the centre back to get it to fit nicely but without being too clingy. And yet even with taking in the excess, I still managed to get it over my head without putting in the zip. Bonus!

The bodice is lined (yaay!) although I wasn't keen on Vogue's method of doing this. I used tricot for my lining.
I'm not sure what the dress fabric is but it's just gorgeous. And it was only £3 a metre!! It's silky soft but of a decent weight. It's also textured which is what drew me to it in the first place

And this is going to be fabulous for holidays because it doesn't crease at all.

What I like about this dress is the cowl neckline and that underneath is a lovely square neckline. I really should have taken a photo of this before adding the over bodice. But if I make this pattern again, I would make it for sure without the over bodice as it would look just as lovely without as it does with.

I made this dress with the full skirt because it was perfect for my fabric. The pattern states to cut the skirt on the bias but I didn't think my fabric needed it and cut the front skirt on the fold to avoid the seam. I happy with how this turned out so it was a good choice.

The only thing I am not happy with is the length. But I didn't have enough fabric to make it any longer. That's what happens when I buy fabric without a pattern in mind! I'll live with it for now, but I'm wondering if this would look ok by adding a navy or white band at the hemline?

Not sure how much wear I will get out of this as I don't see much of summer, so would it be worth the effort? But it will definitely be going on our next (warm!) holiday. Added hem or no added hem...!

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Vogue 8649 ~ Flower Print for Mum

Hello everyone and welcome to my Mum wearing her new Vogue 8649 top. Yes Ok, Mum is blurd, but it's not right to broadcast my Mum to the entire world. Take my word for it, she is stunning!

This is the 2nd item I've made for Mum, this time using the lovely floral jersey bought on our fabric haul in Birmingham Rag Market.
It's got quite a slinky feel to it so I'm guessing it possibly has some viscose content.

It was really nice to sew although it did curl up on the edges.

We used Vogue 8649 and made View A (short sleeves)
There is no photograph for this pattern and the drawings are rather deceptive. I was beginning to think with patterns coming up big, that it was just me. But it's not. When I measured the actual pattern pieces, this needed to be 2 sizes smaller! Even the sleeves and body were long. The sleeves look a good couple of inches above the elbow on the envelope but Goodness me, I cut 2" off these sleeves thinking that would be enough, but as you can see, they are still down to Mum's elbow. 

Luckily this is fine as Mum's like me and loves her arms covered; but I'm wondering if I'd cut View B or C if the sleeves would actually be full length?! The body is also long. I cut 3" off the length of this and it's still loooong....

I'm thinking if you're Grace Jones with super long legs, body and arms, then this is going to fit you a treat haha ;)

It's also quite a low cut "V" (again another deceptive visual on the envelope drawing!) but fortunately I added clear elastic to the neckline to avoid gaping. I also added clear elastic at the shoulders for reinforcement. But you will have to take my word for this as I never think to take photos as I go along!

So on Mum's list, that's now 2 fabrics down, and 3 to go.... !

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