Sunday, 19 July 2015

Simplicity 1158 ~ Jump into summer?

Time to" jump" out of the comfort zone again and into a Jumpsuit. I made my first jumpsuit last year (you can see that HERE) but being strapless, I haven't really had much wear out of it. So this time I am using Simplicity 1158, which is a much more practical and comfortable style for me. I am fair skinned and my skin does not like the sun at all, so coverage is important to me and this jumpsuit is perfect!

Although covered up, I also do still like to be cool, so I chose This lovely soft, cotton jersey of medium weight from Croft Mill. They have some wonderful fabrics and of nice quality and their service is faultless. The only down side is that the P&P is pricey. It helps if you buy more than one fabric to compensate for this should your funds allow!

The pattern is a Simplicity Project Runway. One of those where you can mix and match the various pattern pieces to create your own style.

I made bodice A with the narrow leg trouser.
I kept the leg length just long enough so that I could also dress this up and wear with heels should the occasion arise. 

What drew me to the pattern in the first place was the bodice of View A

Just love all those lovely gathers off the front yoke. What I didn't like was the yoke construction. If you follow the pattern directions, the yoke has no interfacing or facing. Considering that this is such a main feature of the jumpsuit and the entire bodice hangs off it, that's pretty poor. I felt it needed more structure so I interfaced and faced mine, as yokes should be. I'm pleased with how it feels and looks. Oh, and the wrapover doesn't gape either.

Another great feature is those pockets! Who doesn't love pockets?!! And for ease and comfort the waist is elasticated. This jumpsuit is so comfy I could wear it to bed!! (Hmm, better watch what I say there as I just know what my DH is going to say when he sees me wearing this..."ooh, you made pyjamas...!")

To keep the comfy and covered up feel going on, I altered the back bodice. It should have been a wrapover "V" the same as the front with a back tie (see diagram above) but I cut mine on the fold and cut it higher up to create a round neck.

One thing to be aware of if making this pattern; check the finished garment measurements before cutting. There is a huge amount of ease in this. So much so, I cut a Size 4!

As you will have noticed, I was forced to take these photos indoors with the light being so poor outside. 
This is the view from my sewing room window. Where has the god damn sea gone?!! It feels like we have been living in this foreverrrrrrrrr!! We have been masked by this film of mizzle and fog for days. Urghh. Oh the British Summer is such joy (not).
Anyways, photos haven't come out too badly. Certainly a lot better than had I gone outside. And who wants to go out in that without good reason anyhow?!

I mean, for goodness sake I am brighter than the weather!

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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

McCalls 7046 ~ Summertime Blues

I waited so long for some guaranteed warmer weather before making up this pattern. The warmer weather came, stuck around whilst I made this and photographed it but hasn't been seen since. I'm not a huge fan of the heat, but I do love our seasons and the opportunity they provide for us to wear different clothes.

I bought the pattern some months ago as soon as it came out because I just loved it instantly. 
The pattern is McCalls 7046 and I made this sleeveless version, View C

Feeling a little of an anti climax though with the end result. See all that lovely rouching on the bodice drawing? Well on the front of mine t'is more or less non-existant!
All you see here are a couple of folds around my waistline. 

Yet look at the back
Now that's more proper like it! The rouching here is far more effective

The pattern calls for elastic to be used to create the bodice rouching. Having only done rouching with gathers before, I decided to give this method a go. The instructions ask you to sew the elastic inside the seam line of the bodice back, so I can only assume that that is why most of the rouching is actually in the back. I thought at first that perhaps my fabric was too heavy and the skirt was pulling it down. But when I looked in the mirror at the back of it, that couldn't be it at all.

Gotta love everything else about this little dress though. And for the first time ever, I didn't have to take inches off the side seams to get this to fit proper. I cut this in my usual size (using finished garment measurements) and it fits a treat. So do bare this in mind if unlike me, you don't like to use negative ease for fit. If that's the case, this will come up small on you.

I cut a neckband for this pattern rather than just narrow hemming the neckline as per the pattern instructions. I felt a neckline needed more structure. I did however narrow hem the armholes using Collins Wonder Tape first to stabilize them. I just love that stuff!! And I have to say, the finish is much nicer. Less bulk than the neckband.

Overall a little disappointed with the lack of bodice rouching, but glad I tried the elastic method. I know now that gathers are what do it for me! Guess I will just stick to wearing this with my favourite cardigan :)

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