Sunday, 16 August 2015

Simplicity 2369 ~ Mother and Daughter

When I was a little girl, I was extremely lucky to have the nicest, prettiest of dresses that no one else had. Every little girl loves dresses and I was no exception. But the best thing of all was having a dress just like Mum! Mum would make herself a dress, and very often I would get one too with the left-overs. If I were a Mum I would do exactly the same. But I'm not. So the next best thing is to repeat history (in reverse) and me make a dress for Mum and make one for myself too in the same fabric!

Here is Mum's surprise Birthday present!

And here is my version (blogged HERE a couple of weeks ago)

For mum's I used Simplicity 2369 View A

It's a mock-wrap, gathered onto a tie on the left front. 

This is the right front

It's an easy make, especially with those raglan sleeves. So no sleeves to set in and there's no zip either! The sleeves though are extremely long! I didn't have Mum around for fitting but on her measurements, these would have come right down to her elbows and beyond! So I shortened them. There is also no interfacing on the bodice front neckline so I added some, just to stabilise it.
It's been a good while since I made this for Mum but I think they were the only 2 issues. This made up really quickly and it fits Mum a treat!

As with my own version of this dress, I made most of it with my super walking foot, and overlocker for the skirt seams.

Even now, I still feel proud to have a dress just like Mum. And hopefully one day we will even get to wear them together!

(I will add pattern review link asap)

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Sunday, 2 August 2015

McCalls 7116 ~ Summer Comfort

So it's August. Meaning we only officially have one month left of a summer we haven't really had yet. Not that I am a huge fan of hot weather, but I like us to have at least some, to appreciate the cool, fresh weather of Autumn when it arrives. But anyways, for now at least, we have sunshine! Not overly warm sunshine but it's comfortable. And look.... I can see the sea again from my sewing room window!!

So with Autumn just around the corner, I thought I'd have a stab at one more summer dress, as this will probably be my last summer make for this year.

Let me introduce McCalls 7116 

It's a style that is very me. Gathered sleeves, gathered bodice, but fitted below the bust, and over the waist and hips, as better shown here by the pattern drawing.
This is View D
I love the detail in this dress. Especially the inverted pleat and little button detail on the sleeves

This one is a close up of the button detail and pleat. The daisy buttons are so cute! I found them HERE at Minerva Crafts

And the wrapover front bodice is cut so well that there is no gaping at all. I made no fit adjustments for any of this dress and everything about it is perfect!
I loved the attached bodice facing on the pattern and that the back neck edge was finished with a bias facing (cut in the same fabric). This is by far the best and neatest finish faux wrap bodice method I have done to date and will apply this method for future projects.

This dress is also a very practical style for me to wear. I used a printed cotton jersey from Croft Mill although sadly it's no longer available. It's only of tee shirt weight but should we get any hot weather(!), this will keep me nice and cool without being exposed to the sun. And being jersey, I was able to make this up without needing to insert the zip! I tacked everything together first to make sure I could get it over my head and Bingo! So with no fit adjustment and no zip, this made up in no time at all. (well it would have done had I made it on one swoop!) I think it's actually taken me about a month off and on. I don't get much sewing time in summer

I used my walking foot for all of this apart from the side seams where I used the overlocker. That walking foot was a darn good investment!

Absolutely love this little dress. A great make, a great wear, and I can't recommend the pattern enough.

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