Sunday, 6 September 2015

Burda 6847 ~ Casual Contrast Jacket

Throughout August I have barely seen the inside of my Sewing Room. It's the same every year. But as summer draws to a close and the nights slowly begin to draw in, I am already dreaming of Autumn. It could be 20 degrees outside (although we haven't seen many days that high this year) and I can be found gazing longingly at my jumpers and boots and wondering if a hot chocolate would be entirely inappropriate?! 

And it's the same with sewing. Come August, already I am planning autumnal makes in my head. I love Autumn! This is "my" season. So I was rather excited to finally get stuck into my first make of the season, Burda 6847. I made View A

I make no secret that I am not a huge fan of Burda patterns, but they do have some fabulous and unusual designs that sometimes I just cannot resist.

Years ago, I purchased this Bench jacket that I wore to it's death.

So, with this Month's MAGAM theme "Average August" (make something average/essential) this was my cue to finally replace this much loved and worn, practical jacket and Burda 6847 fit the bill perfectly. 

This time, I decided on Navy Blue. The fabric is a brushed back sweatshirting with a faint horizontal pinstripe about every inch. It's difficult to see unless you look close.

You can literally just abut make it out on this photo 

 The fabric is available HERE from Croft Mill and just to add a bit of contrast, I lined the hood in a cream Ponte Roma left over from a previous dress project, and also purchased a contrast cream double ended zip

One addition I did make to this jacket was to add in seam pockets at the sides. I mean, let's face it, what use is a jacket without pockets..?!!

I also made this shorter. Quite a lot shorter! On the pattern it appears that View A is already the length I made it, yet I cut 5" off this. 

So as Autumn has already arrived nice and early in our little corner of England, as soon as this was finished, it was literally hot off the sewing machine and out the door on the same day.

And here I am wearing it on one of it's first Autumn Amble's out..
Yes, the scenery is somewhat distracting is it not..? So here's a final couple more, un-distracting shots..!

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Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read :)

Happy Sewing!
Dawn :)x


  1. Pretty jacket, Dawn! I love Burda pattern as well :) Nice details on the hood, pockets and zipper. Well done!

  2. Great jacket. I'm sure you will get a lot of wear out of this one too!

    1. Thanks Star! And yes, it's already becoming a favourite :) x

  3. Love your jacket. Yes, I agree - a jacket simply MUST have pockets!

  4. This is so nice and long and cozy! Just my style, although sadly much beyond my skill set at this point. I'm sure you'll grab this one frequently!
    jen miller

  5. Hello Dawn, I am back home and can comment on your blog again :). I have been in England (and Europe) !!! nowhere near you though - and yes, it was cold quite often. I think this jacket and hot chocolate are entirely appropriate. Love this jacket - you are going to wear this till it drops as well. Fantastic scenery - your jacket looks just right in it.... I wonder why you don't like Burda patterns?

    1. Sarah Liz I am so excited you hear you have been in England!! Did you visit your ol shropshire county?
      Thanks for the comments... and yes this jacket has had a few outings already!
      As for Burda, I love their designs but I just don't find them as user friendly as other patterns....xx

    2. Hi Dawn, I visited Shropshire last time I visited - and your part of the country as well - so beautiful.

      I wondered what it was about Burda and you - now I know :) You do have to read between the lines with Burda.

    3. P.S. Re your part of the country - I visited before I knew you via the blog - some years back, otherwise I would have tried to arrange a meet up.