Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Autumn Sewing....

I haven't blogged as much as usual over these past few weeks, but I haven't been idle either. Oh yes, my sewing machines have been pretty hot of late, planning and making for our up and coming holidays. 
So as I currently have no photographic evidence and I have 2 dresses still to be hemmed (they are long so can't do that alone) for now, I thought I would just share what I have been up to so far and what's up next. 

My first completed item is the now OOP Vogue 8780

It's a coat/jacket pattern but I made the shorter version as a cardigan in THIS bobbled textured Spanish jersey
Catalogue Photo

This is my only fully completed item at the moment. I just have no photos! Yet.

The 2nd (almost) completed item is McCalls 7047

This is a mix and match pattern and is now my absolute favourite of favourite patterns! I love everything about this!! I am so making this again. I made the long skirt with train and peplum and the capped sleeve bodice with cowl neck. I didn't even have to fit this pattern. On first (and only) fitting it fit like a second skin. It's awaiting completion of the hem which is why it is only almost finished and not finished. I'm not one for starting another project before completing a current one, but time is of the essence and needs must until I can find another pair of hands. And it is after all, only the hem.
The fabric was left over from a previous project so a proper cheap dress this time :) I've made it in black and white.

Item number 3 and also waiting hem completion is New Look 6802

I planned to make this for the September MAGAM challenge but I didn't have enough fabric. But not to be deterred and really wanting to make this dress for our trip I purchased this crinkle crepe by John Kaldor
Catalogue Photo
An added twist to this is that I have made it into a maxi dress and and had to adapt the sizing accordingly to accommodate my non-stretch fabric.

Item Number 4 is currently on my cutting table. This is Vogue 1475 and my next project (after hemming the previous two!)

I just adore the design and lines of this dress and being in a stretch fabric, it's right up my street. This is the fabric I have chosen and OH MY GOSH it is just Gorgeous!!!
It's a floral burn out design stretch velvet and it is soooo soft and drapey. Perfect for my pattern.

And finally I am hoping I will also have time to make McCalls 7095

I have a lovely white cotton Broderie Anglaise lined up for this

So that just about sums up what I have been up to recently and what's up and coming. Because of all this I didn't select a specific item to make for this months MAGAM Challenge. Instead, my challenge is to get all of the above completed before my suitcase gets packed!

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read :)

Happy Sewing!
Dawn :) x

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Simplicity 1321 ~ Faux Suede Skirt

My MAGAM Challenge this month, was indeed, challenging. To the point that my original idea never happened! My plan was to make a maxi dress with this fabric and pattern. The challenge turned out to be trying to fit all the pieces on my fabric!

I am not normally one to buy fabric before I need it or at the very least, know what I am going to make with it. But I couldn't resist this John Kaldor fabric and so bought it a couple of months ago (if not more) with a maxi dress in mind. Only I hadn't anticipated making one with sleeves and, I had also forgotten that I had only bought 2.5m and not 3m. Of course I didn't realise about the quantity until it came to cutting! But no matter how much I played around with those pieces, if I wanted the sleeves, this just wasn't going to happen. 

So, I had to run with a new idea and this Simplicity 1321 is it. I have seen these slightly A line short skirts about a lot lately and in my quest to make and wear more skirts, this is a practical, wearable style for me.

I have used this pattern once before,previously making View C (HERE), so I was rather pleased whilst sifting through my patterns to find this was perfect for the skirt I had in mind this time. Plus, I knew this pattern fit a treat and needed no alteration. Although I did make this slightly more A-line than the actual pattern to get the look I wanted. But what I love the most about this little skirt is the tab and pocket detail.

The pockets were meant to be just top stitched 6mm from the edge. Only I didn't like the look of them and edge stitched as well. This gives a much neater finish. They didn't lay flat enough for me without.

I used a faux suede fabric available from Minerva Crafts which is self lined and stitched flat fell seams on all but the side seams.

Wit Woo.. so tidy on the inside :) I love having the inside as neat as the out. For some reason it makes wearing them much nicer. Back in the day when I sewed as a teenager, I used to line everything!

So I'm thinking about this in corduroy now, in a nice rusty colour for autumn... ! 

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Happy Sewing!
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