Sunday, 15 May 2016

Introducing Lady Mae....

When I started sewing again in 2012, it was to make my Wedding Dress and Coat. I hadn't sewn for many years until then, so due to several house moves and no longer dressmaking, sewing supplies of the larger kind had become very limited. To make and have somewhere to hang my Wedding Dress and Coat, I needed a dressmakers dummy. As hanging was my then only concern, I thought I would only use it for a few months and bought a really cheap second. Little did I realise that when my sewing began, it would rekindle my love for it. 

I have been sewing ever since and "Old Dolly" the out of shape, deformed, flimsy and not to mention red and ugly (who buys red? It goes with nothing and clashes with almost everything I made!) has finally met her maker and fallen completely apart. Its a pity I don't have a photo of her as she really was in a laughable, sorry state! I'm amazed she lasted this long really. These past 12-18 months she has been no good for fitting, one push and she pinged out of shape; so she's just been used for hanging things on during the sewing process.

Two years ago, we moved house and every room needs attention. I have a sewing room but it is waaaay down the list of priorities so I wasn't planning on buying anything new for it until it was time for it's proper makeover. In that makeover included a Dressmakers Dummy. But 2 years on, needs must, I have upgraded now and I have upgraded well!

Let me introduce to you Lady Mae

She is aptly named because she is "Lady Valet" of make from Adjustoform. And any Mr Selfridge fans out there will know that the head of the Dressmaking Department in the British TV series "Mr. Selfridge" was indeed Lady Mae!

I did quite a lot of research before this big purchase and Lady Valet seemed the best one that did it for me. I was hoping on one with collapsable shoulders but this is the only feature that the Lady Valet doesn't have that I would have liked. She is adjustable (always handy) especially as I make clothes for myself and my Mum these days and she is proper good n' sturdy!(That's Lady Mai not Mum! Although the phrase could count for both haha ;) ) 
I read this useful article on Jaycott's Blog (where I purchased Lady Mai from), bought a cover for her also and fitted her out accordingly!

Other new tools that I have added to my collection early are these

Mum kindly got me the tailors ham and sleeve roll for Christmas and the silk organza pressing cloths I purchased some weeks ago from The English Couture Company. One large and one small, which I overlocked in different colours for easier identification. I had forgotten how satisfying pressing is with the right tools. I love pressing now!

And finally my latest addition to the collection is the Point Presser/Clapper

This kinda came in handy for the waistcoat I have just made (to be blogged soon) but here's a sneaky photo of the inside during construction and a brief glimpse of old Dolly...

So despite being determined to "make do" until such time the sewing room gets a makeover, time is pressing on (no pun intended!) and the new purchases have started already. Next on my list is to upgrade my  old Bernina....!!