Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Sweet and Simple ~McCalls 7116

This is another top I made several months ago for our mini break and because it's cotton, I wore it loads.
Originally I wanted to use this fabric for Tilly and the Buttons Agnes Top and I originally bought the Agnes Top pattern to make the dress version of it. So it just shows some things never turn out as planned! I had a last minute change of plan with the fabric because with the pattern using negative ease, this fabric is just a little too thin. But it's lovely and soft! Its a cotton jersey from Croft Mill although I think it's long since sold out as it's no longer on the website.

The pattern is M7116 a dress pattern that I previously made HERE. I loved the fit and shape of it so much so I thought it would make a nice top.

As you can see, I like my tops short!

I chose to leave the buttons off the sleeve detail for this top so I could wear a cardigan and not have 2 bulky lumps sticking out underneath!

Just a short post this time as I have a sewing room calling..... yes my room is done!! Ok it's not decorated, its just a shell; but I have put the tables back and my machines are out. The decor can wait!

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read :)

Happy Sewing!


  1. This is a sweet top! I agree - buttons on the sleeves would be too much. Congrats on the sewing room construction project! I hope the rest of the house is coming along just as nicely.

  2. This is so pretty - and the perfect fabric for this sort of top - got an old fashioned holiday feel and look to it. I'm sure you will wear it lots. And hoorah for the return of the sewing room. Surely order will start returning to your life now.

  3. Such a cute top! You did a great job converting the dress into this cute top. The length you have chosen suits you quite well. And YAY that you have your sewing room back!

    1. Thanks Tomasa! Yes it feels rather good that I have somewhere proper to sew again :)

  4. I'm pleased you have your sewing room back. You've made a lovely top.

  5. This a lovely top, it fits you so well and I love all the details. Yay for your sewing room!!