Monday, 13 February 2017

February MAGAM Plans and a postponed Carolyn

A week or so ago, I couldn't make up my mind on what to make next. On my table was the pattern for the Carolyn Pyjamas which I planned to cut in these blue and beige cotton poplins from Minerva Crafts with the plain for binding.

It was cold in my sewing room at the time and I was wearing 2 layers. (it still is and I still am!). I got as far as cutting out the paper pattern pieces and then started to question if these were what I should be making right now when it 5'c outside and hot water bottle weather at night? Wouldn't I be better off with another warm practical cardigan that I could wearing hot off the sewing machine? Instead of pyjamas likely to be tucked away it the drawer until late spring.

Oooh but the temptation to cut these out is high!!

Anyway, whilst I was pondering, I made a top for my Mum (here) instead. Since finishing that, we've run into Mid February, and half way through an already short month. So due to time, practicality (and weather!) for my  MAGAM challenge I've decided to put the pyjamas on hold (sigh) and make another version of M6844. I made one of these a couple of weeks ago (Here) and I have practically lived in it. It doesn't fit in with this month's theme "fit and finish" unless I can justify that by saying, well at least it will fit and least it will be finished before February is out. What a cheat! 😲

This time I am using more fabric purchased from Birmingham rag market last year.

That's not such a great photo. The one below shows the detail and colour much better.

It's quite a loose knit so I will be lining this one. I love stretch fabrics to wear and make and if they are textured I love them even more.

Happy Sewing All!

Dawn 😊



  1. Pretty fabrics. looking forward to seeing the finished cardigan :)

  2. Yes, it does fit and it will be finished. And guess what, you will have another pretty cardigan and still get the Carolyn pj's at some time in the future. Win!

  3. What a beautiful fabric - truly gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Tomasa, I am looking forward to sewing it

  4. Both fabrics are gorgeous! Can't wait to see them both!