Friday, 10 February 2017

NL 6150 ~ Animal Print Top

Whist I have been dilly dallying over what to make next for myself, I made a top for Mum. It's been a while since I made something for her so in fairness, it was her turn.

New Look 6150 was the pattern choice. This pattern has been around an absolute age and there are 3 pages worth of wonderful versions on PR, dating right back to 2012! I can now see why everyone loves it so much and why it's still going strong.

There is a lovely variety of styles in the pattern but for Mum I made View B. The detail on this top is lovely. I know this is Mum's but I have a real weakness for gathers, and this has plenty. It also has a real good overlap wrap on it, not some flimsy, careless half hearted, gape-open wrap that you get on some patterns. I also love the collar and its construction. Yes I can definitely see why so many have made this up and why 5 years on, it still isn't discontinued. Go New Look!

Yummy Gathers!

The pattern calls for light to medium weight knits. I used a scuba knit that Mum and I purchased from Birmingham Rag Market last year which I thought maybe a little thick. Not at all. It sewed up lovely and with great results. The iron might not like scuba but boy does my overlocker make up for that. My overlocker loved this fabric. What a pleasure to sew.

The gathers on the sleeves are done with elastic

In the end it pressed out pretty well. I got a super hot iron to it with my silk organza pressing cloth. Result!

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As for me, I'm still debating on whether to go with the Carolyn Pyjamas or another version of M6844. My intention was the pyjamas, but I have been dithering because it's still wintery cold here, and right now another warm cardigan is going to give me far more wear than cotton pyjamas! Hmmm can you see which way I am swaying here..?!

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read 😀

Happy Sewing All!


  1. It's gorgeous! As you say, the wrap is perfect. I think you have convinced me to buy this pattern now - I have always bypassed it, but as you have pointed out, the wrap is a good one, no gaping. I hope your Mum enjoys wearing it.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz. I think I will be making this for myself also!

  2. This looks great and I would have never thought to use a scuba knit for this pattern. Your Mum will look great in this. I have had this pattern for years and haven't sewn it up yet. Maybe I should move it up on the sewing list!

  3. It is a pretty top and I am sure your mom will look great in it. Love the gathers and the fabric :)