Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Simplicity 8166 ~ March MAGAM Completed ~ The Diana Blouse

The MAGAM Challenge this month was initially a hard one for me. The theme was "Movie Makes" so for someone who rarely watches any, I was feeling pretty clueless. I'm guessing that for many this would be a dream theme, making some wonderful outrageous, theatrical piece! Whilst that would have been an opportunity to make something rather dramatic, I couldn't bring myself to make something I was never going to wear.

The theme was also open to anything on TV, but I don't watch a huge amount of that either. So for a while there I was left scratching my head!

But then one evening, a programme caught my attention; "Diana - Designing a Princess."  If you've never seen it, it's well worth a watch. And for me, it called the inspiration to hit. I knew immediately that my theme was a done deal.

Back in the very early 80's Lady Diana Spencer was known for her high neck romantic ruffled collars. Ruffles are back in again right now and I had the perfect pattern in Simplicity 8166

I made the View B blouse in a soft crepe from Minerva Crafts which I purchased a few months ago. I think I did actually buy this fabric for this pattern but they just got filed away and forgotten (shame on me) So thank you to Sarah Liz for the theme this month as it prompted me to get this made. 

I have to blow the trumpet a little bit for this fabric as it really is absolutely beautiful to wear. It's written in the description as "soft" and there is no doubt about that! It's also just as absolutely gorgeous to the touch. It's still available in a myriad of colours and I now just want to buy them all.
It was lovely to work with too, and its perfect for this pattern.... all those gathers 😃

The collar construction and inserting all the elastic was one of the earlier steps, so it was looking really good very early on. Looking good is one thing but admittedly, I was a little concerned if I would actually like all that elastic around my neck?! I needn't have worried. The fabric is so soft and I don't notice the elastic at all.

I was also thinking that because the placket meets (with no overlap) that this might gape open with wear. It doesn't. Yaay 😀 super happy me!

One thing I did find a little odd is that the pattern suggested narrow elastic for the button loops. The front placket and collar is the main feature of this blouse, so I used a very narrow ribbon for my loops instead and added small pearl-like buttons. 

Another feature is obviously the sleeves. OMG I love these cuffs!!

I used french seams on all seams including the armholes. My last project was also french seamed so I am all frenched out for now!

I think I have succeeded in my Diana look-alike blouse, although worn loose as shown here by Lady Mai, DH thinks it would give Ross Poldark a run for his money!

And whilst I wish you all a Happy First Day of Spring, I was freezing my ass off having these photos taken today! Our first day has brought heavy rain, strong winds, and some hail thrown into the mix. Just a typical Cornish Spring then 😏

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Happy Sewing!


  1. This is gorgeous! Fantastic job! Glad you braved the inclement Spring weather for the pics!

  2. Your blouse is beautiful - love it. I like the changes you made to it with the button loops. Glad to know I am not the only one who would be in the dark about movies...I don't watch many movies or much TV either.

    1. Thank you Tomasa! I always think, why waste all that time watching a film when the time could be spent sewing!

  3. I'm so glad you found inspiration - it is actually all around us as we are surrounding by images from TV and movies all the time, even if we don't watch much (sewers sew instead) And I am so thrilled you made this blouse up - it looks gorgeous on you, and just the perfect colour. And so wearable. Love it. I remember wearing ruffle necks back then too!

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz. And I wore ruffle necks back in the day too!

  4. Gorgeous blouse! Love the gathers at the neckline and sleeve cuffs. The blouse is perfect for you. Great job!

  5. Gorgeous blouse! Love all the details and it looks up-to-date and stylish on you. Lovely take on your inspiration photo. :)