Monday, 22 May 2017

M6844 for Summer ~ May MAGAM completed

Here I am, wearing yet another, albeit a very slightly different version, of M6844. This is my one for summer and is also my project for the Merry May MAGAM Challenge. 

The merriness is in the fabric. It's just so light and summery and very merry for May. This fabric is a fairly recent purchase from Minerva Crafts. I bought it specifically for this pattern so the fabric didn't come out of my stash. This is a better photo of it taken from their website.

Minerva Catalogue Photo

It's quite a loose knit and very lightweight making it perfect for a summer version. 

For my summer version, I altered the pattern slightly this time by shortening the sleeves. And just for a little more difference, I also shortened the peplum at the back so it was the same length as it is on the pattern at the side seams. Plus, I added my usual belt with some thread loops to keep it in place.

The trousers are also another favourite pattern of mine, the Elle Pant which I made in Teal Bengaline

I have covered both these patterns before more than once, so I am keeping this post brief! The Elle Pants, are a good staple that I will continue to use for a good while yet but I think (at least for now) I am done with M6844. I will however, put that one into semi retirement rather than full retirement, just in case! I am thinking that I should also be done with this colour! I am loving turquoisey blues at the moment, I can't get enough of it. And I still have yet one more project to blog that is also these colours 😮 Hay ho! 

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read 😀

Happy Sewing!
Dawn x


  1. Both look great! Can never get enough of the McCall's cardigan pattern. I have another one cut out and ready to sew too!

    1. thanks Star! I noticed you wearing one of yours for MMmay!

  2. Another beautiful rendition of this cardigan. Love the vibrant blues. It looks great on you and fits you perfectly. I have this pattern as well so it's good to know you have made so many wonderful versions.