Saturday, 6 May 2017

My Sewing Space

I absolutely love to see others sewing rooms and spaces. It's like peering into a fellow sewers little piece of heaven. These spaces, big or small, are where our magic happens. So as my female cave is now all finished, (well I say finished... it still needs some finishing touches) I thought I'd share mine.

I have always been quite lucky having my own space to sew. And I never take this for granted. Sewing is a pleasure and having a space to sew in your home is lucky. Having a room in your home to sew, I feel is a luxury and a privilege.
My Mum sewed, so when I was little I always remember her sewing in her own little corner of the house. When I started to sew myself, we had moved house and Mum and I shared part of the dining room and cut out on the floor! So I know what it is like to have limited space. When I left home, I had enough room to sew, but then found that I didn't sew much at all. Life takes over and priorities change. It did for me anyway. It didn't help that fabric shops were becoming a thing of the past and of course there was no online shopping back then. How things have changed in 20 years.

Anyway, fast forward a few years, when I started sewing again in 2012 to make my Winter Wonderland Wedding Dress and Coat. Again I had my own room in which to do this, but it also doubled up as my office as my desk was also in there, as was all our bookcases. Well, it was actually my office originally, the sewing just took over and the office had to share! But I felt really lucky to have that room.

Yes, it's a mess; it's a working space! 😜

A few more years on and we have moved house again to what we hope is our forever-home. I have a sewing room here which is totally devoted to sewing and sewing only. It has 2 windows letting in lots of light and I have a sea view 😊I didn't make any effort with it when we first moved, I just moved straight in as I found it because I knew we had to have some building works carried out eventually. It was a sewing room and that's all that mattered.

My View 😊

These next few photos are what my room looked like before the builders moved in

A bit of a mish-mash but it worked and I loved it. The light is everything in this room.

Last year, we finally had all the building work done and I was without my room for over 3 months. 
I wasn't sorry to say goodbye to that ghastly wallpaper I can tell you!

When the building work was complete, we decorated the 2 walls that had been treated to make it acceptable and I moved back in. This is those same two walls

There was still work to do in this room, but having had half of our house in turmoil and dust for so long, we just wanted to get straight again and have a break from maintenance and home decor. Plus, naturally I was keen to get proper sewing again!! So I put my room back together and this is how its looked 

It's tidy. Not even used yet! 

It's now been over 6 months since the builders left and it was time to finish the room properly. Well DH decided it was anyway.... there I was sewing away, minding my own business one rainy afternoon, when in walks DH with a crow bar, ready to demolish the rickety old fitted wardrobe. So with barely enough time to pack everything away, it was all systems go!

First out was the aforementioned ricketty old wardrobe which is at the entrance to my room. It's been ripped out because:
1. I don't need it
2. It was falling apart anyway
3. It was in the way, taking up (valuable) space
4. It was so old, inside it smelt of old womans handbag! Urghh, yes really! This is an old cottage; there was damp 😑

This is a better photo of it taken just before the builders came.
Now you see it.....

now you don't!

And this is how this side of the room looks now, completely finished.
(Tidy still....  again, not yet used!)

The wall shelves (moved from the opposite wall) are now where the wardrobe used to be and I have moved my desks over there too. Here I have the machines set up. Oh! And new blinds 😀 what a difference a bit of colour makes.

The unit which stores my fabric was a new addition straight after the builders left and is the only thing that hasn't moved or changed since, although it does now house new pattern boxes on the top

It's starting to look more like a used room now!

So with taking the wardrobe out, and moving everything over to this side of the room, it then left plenty of space at the opposite end to fit a cutting table in!

This is the back wall where the shelves and cupboards once were. The cupboards incidentally are no more. Everything from those has fit into the table space 😀

(Oh look... there's a top not yet blogged, on Lady Mai!)

And one last photo taken yesterday. Bit of a rearrange on the table... I now have drawers, Yaay! And my pinboard of life's sentimental keeps is back on the wall too 😁

Besides the table, I have also had a few other new additions to the room which have slowly progressed whilst my room was part done after the builders had been. These I will feature in my next post as I am aware of this already too long post! 

Part 2 to follow...!

Happy Sewing all and thanks for stopping by 😀


  1. What a view! Love the cutting table and the blue and white color scheme.

  2. Wow! Your room looks great! Very spacious!

  3. It's great. Lovely view. Two windows for light is a real bonus.
    I use our dining room - we only use it as a dining room now for Christmas, Easter period etc when family visit. We plan to move - having space is something I'll be looking for of course

    1. Thank you Anne. A dining room is the next best thing to a sewing room.

  4. What a stupendous room Dawn, and so neat! I'm not surprised you make some amazing things in there. The view though is the thing, and the wonderful light! I have a room - called the utility room - doubles as a room for the freezer, an office and my sewing room.... which is not a happy mix. I'm highly tempted to remove the office part and concentrate on the sewing. I will never have your lovely view but I can see the wrens in the hedge 😄 Thanks for sharing. (S.trish)

    1. Thank you for the lovely comments Trish. Yes I love the view more than anything. And yes, if I were you Id be tempted to move the office part too. I made my office move in our last house!!

  5. Oh what an absolutely magnificent sewing space. It is just so beautiful and that view of the sea is unbelievable. Your room is certainly conducive to much creativity.

    1. Thank you Tomasa! yes I find the view inspirational.

  6. What a perfect room and set up. Can't wait to have a room like that one day myself. Light, bright, clean, airy, I wouldn't come out of a room like that!

    1. Thank you Sarah Liz. The light in here is everything. Its my hideaway, and if I didnt have a husband and a job, I dont think I would come out of here either!

  7. Great room. Would love to hear more detail on the cutting table. Is it custom made?

    1. Hi thank you. The cutting table is 3 Ikea kallax units with a wooden base on casters. And then like a butchers block solid wood table top.