Friday, 12 May 2017

Part 2 ~ Sewing Room Additional Features

Hi everyone! To continue on from my last post about my new sewing space, this one includes all the extra the additional bits and bobs I've added to my room over the past 6 months. So if you're looking to see something new I've sewn, you won't find it here 😵. It's been so exciting putting this room together and finally after 3 years of living here, getting everything organised into a proper home.

The first thing I did when we put my sewing room back together 6 months ago (after the building renovations) was to get all my fabric out of bags, boxes, cupboards etc and into some tidy storage. The unit is Ikea's Kallax and is perfect for storing fabrics. I even have gaps! When fabric was shoved here there and everywhere, I felt like I had too much. Now it seems I have room for more haha 😊

I got 4 baskets for the bottom to store all my remnant pieces. One is still empty!

The second thing I did, was to sort out my sewing patterns into some kind of filing system. When I joined Pintrest a couple of years or so ago, I always pinned any new patterns that I bought so I could see what I had. This left all other patterns purchased before Pintrest "unpinned". So, I decided to create a board on Pintrest for each pattern category (i.e Skirts, Tops, Dresses etc etc) which I now use to browse through my Pattern Stash. (Incidentally, in case anyone interested was wondering where these boards are, all my pintrest boards are a free-for-all to browse, with the exception of patterns. I didn't think my entire pattern collection was of any interest to anyone else so I kept them only visible to me!)

Anyway.... Previously, pinned or not, all my patterns were just in random boxes. The only significance between them was either "made" or "un-made". Now I have these fabulous new boxes and each one of the Pintrest boards coincides with a pattern box labelled with the same category. So if I want to make a skirt, I can browse all my skirt patterns on Pintrest and I know I will then find the chosen pattern in the pattern box labelled "Skirts." Oh! And the patterns are all in alphabetical Pattern Company order and pattern number order. These boxes sit on top of my fabric stash Kallax

On the photo above, you may have noticed my threads cabinet. First off, the credit for these thread trays goes entirely to my Dad. He made me one of these back in the 80's when I started sewing and back then, it held most of my sewing threads. To me it was a genius idea and I was so proud to have my very own "tray" full of cottons! A lot of my sewing things got "lost" over the years, but thankfully this never did. Years later, I have acquired a lot more cottons, so stealing Dad's idea, DH and I made several more. 
DH drilled the holes and cut the dowels, and I just glued them all in.

The chest of drawers in which they stand, Mum was getting rid of. And by sheer coincidence the trays fit in perfectly. Dad made the drawers also and although he didn't make them for the trays, it's just like he did! There was no better fit.

The photos above and below are unfortunately the only ones I have of the drawers in their original state, as I forgot to take any! (Mum had them inside a wardrobe, so it made no odds what they looked like in there). 

I took all the drawers out and undercoated it

and then painted everything in cream. Done. 😀

The small middle drawer holds my bobbins

Next up for a makeover was my cupboard over the stairs. As you can see it was pretty damp in there before the builders came in, (hence all the construction work last year) and also pretty useless for storing anything neatly. It either had to be piled up, or left as a wasted space.

You can see just how old our cottage is below (210 years old), by the shape of the wall inside!

Here below, with the frame painted, you can see how yellow the paint used to be!

It's now had a fresh lick of paint, inside and out, and has shelves making it very handy for (tidy!) storage

And two new door handles 😀

 I now also have my iron stowed away neatly on the wall next to this cupboard.

The only thing I don't have in my room atm is a stand alone ironing board. I may or may not get one in the future. So far I am managing well with my little table top one. This is ideal as I can keep it out on the cutting table whilst sewing, and then once a project is complete and I am ready to cut out something else, It just folds up and stows away.

The biggest and best addition to my room is of course the cutting table. Its an IKEA hack made up of 3 Kallax units fixed to a board with casters on the bottom, (so I can move it easily around the room) and a kitchen worktop surface. This was kindly made up as a surprise by my wonderful husband! The table top is solid wood and needed 3 coats of varnish to make it nice and smooth. Since my last post, it's had drawers added.

These shelves below hold all my little bits and bobs. The small boxes house my notions. I need to get some more as I still have bits to file away. And I have room to fill at least another shelf.

everything is handy by above my sewing machine

Of course,  a lot of the credit must go to my darling husband who put so much work into making this room happen. Without him, I wouldn't have a room to be proud of. I still need a few small additions and some finishing touches, but all in all, it's a job well done, and I am very lucky and very, very happy! 😊

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Sewing Everyone 😀


  1. You have a perfectly gorgeous sewing room. Happy sewing in there!

  2. Your sewing room looks fabulous. I love it.

  3. That is quite the sewing room! Love the thread trays-very clever idea. And it looks like you have a good stash yourself! Great job to you and DH!

    1. Thanks Star! The stash isnt doing too badly considering I only started it a couple of years ago!

  4. So nice & clean & tidy! The thread storage is GENIUS!

    1. Thank you! Rest assured, its not always tidy!! :)

  5. Happy Mother's Day! You are an inspiration to me!

    1. Aww thank you Bonnie! That is a lovely thing to say and I am so pleased that you are feeling inspired :) xx

  6. You have a perfect room to hide in! I wouldn't come out. All ship shape, must feel so good to sew in there.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz. I wouldnt come out if I didnt have to! Its been nice to share it with my Mum this week who has been visiting

  7. What a beautiful sewing room. It is so neat and beautifully organized.