Sunday, 25 June 2017

M7574 and M7576 ~ Cool Blues

These are unusual pattern choices for me. I decided to take a chance and be different, and the chance paid off. I find wearing full skirts that I can never relax because I live by the sea and 9 times out of 10, its windy. And full skirts and wind are just a bad combination! Even on the day of taking these photos, it was a scorching 27'c (that's hot for here) and right on the coast, there was still a (warm) breeze blowing as you can tell by my hair.

I used a stretch cotton sateen from Minerva Crafts. I bought the fabric last year and was going to make some 3/4 length trousers, because that's what i needed. However that's not really what I wanted so this fabric never got made up. Then a couple of months ago I spotted M7576. Thought they were a bit weird at first, but kept coming back to them. In the end, I decided to take a chance and just went for it. And I am glad I did. These are summery and look a bit like a skirt, but without the risk of the wind having me arrested for indecency. They are also so practical to wear. Should we ever decide to go rock climbing, no problem! It's like wearing trousers but I'm not.

These were a straight forward, straight out of the envelope make. I made no changes other than I shaped the top at the waistline to reduce the bulk at the waist. The waist is elasticated

The top is M7574 and probably the closest I thing I will ever get to wearing  a tee shirt! The fabric is a  left over remnant from a jumpsuit (Here ) that I made a couple of years ago. I was drawn to this pattern because  I love high necks, love cropped tops and I love the shaping on the shoulder.  The neckline is also meant to be edge stitched but I unpicked it as it stretched a bit and looked all bumpy. Clearly I haven't mastered that technique yet! What this pattern really needs is a coverstitch machine for that pro finish. (should DH ever read this, hint hint πŸ˜‰)

I love this pattern so much I can see me making this top for all seasons. I am convinced it will now replace my old faithful jumper pattern from V8939

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Thursday, 15 June 2017

B6425 ~ June MAGAM completed

Sew New Season is the theme for June's MAGAM challenge and I chose black!! Choosing black for our new season of summer, is not the only bizarre thing about this outfit. Black is also not a colour  I wear often on my top half because as you can see, I am pasty white. But I have been itching to make up the hot pink denim ever since it arrived. This is the other weird thing. I am not a huge fan of pink. Yeah that's right, that is a complete contradiction of terms! But.... I do love pink if it is teamed with black and so that, is how this outfit arrived.

The pattern I chose is B6425 and I made the top from View A but adding a frill across the front and shoulders.
I cut a Size 8 but still had to take  quite a lot in to make this more fitted.  I also cut 3" off the length. It does come up rather large unless you like a loose fit. It did however need no adjustment across the shoulders. I was thinking I would perhaps need to insert some elastic here, but not so. Its perfect as it is and it's also very comfortable to wear.

The pink jeggings are made from another stretch denim from Empress Mills. I  love their denims! It's also the Style Arc Elle Pant pattern once again. This pattern has become one of my wardrobe staples.

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Monday, 5 June 2017

M7092 ~ Using up the remnants!

I have made this pattern 3 times for my Mum! Once as an evening dress, once as a day dress (here) and once as a top. So I was thinking that it was about time I gave this pattern a try myself.

M7092 is a great little pattern. And once you've done those bodice pleats and insert, it flies together thereafter. I made this in one afternoon on a cold April day when it was hailing outside and I was home alone.
The photos were taken in May long after the hail had gone and the flowers were in beautiful bloom! It's taken me so long to get this post together, that even the flowers have gone over now too πŸ˜”

I mentioned in a previous post that this has a lot of layers on the front bodice. I reduced that by one layer(!) this time by not having the bodice double thickness. Ok I still had to give it a facing but it reduced the bulk slightly where all the pleats are. And it does help. My overlocker didn't like the bulkiness before but it stitched over this time absolutely fine πŸ˜€

I would love this made up as a dress. I think it would look much nicer than just a top, but I didn't have enough fabric even if I had thought about it before hand. Which I didn't! The fabric was already a remnant piece as was the turquoise used for the bodice insert. For once I struck lucky that I had complimenting fabrics in the stash. That never usually happens to me.

The trousers are not the same ones as on a recent post (honest!) but are again the Elle Pant from Style Arc. The other pair are a light weight cheaper denim in aqua. Those were my trial pair (wearable toile if you like) as it was the first time I had cut the pattern in stretch denim. This time I used a much better quality slub stretch denim in Petrol from Empress Mills. I love the denims from here and the customer service is just so personal and friendly. And the variety of colour choice for the denim is just awesome. I now have several of the other colours too!

I seem to go through phases with colours. At the start of the year it was burgundy/wine. Now, it seems to be turquoise. I've just made a blouse for my Mum in turquoisey colours too!

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