Thursday, 15 June 2017

B6425 ~ June MAGAM completed

Sew New Season is the theme for June's MAGAM challenge and I chose black!! Choosing black for our new season of summer, is not the only bizarre thing about this outfit. Black is also not a colour  I wear often on my top half because as you can see, I am pasty white. But I have been itching to make up the hot pink denim ever since it arrived. This is the other weird thing. I am not a huge fan of pink. Yeah that's right, that is a complete contradiction of terms! But.... I do love pink if it is teamed with black and so that, is how this outfit arrived.

The pattern I chose is B6425 and I made the top from View A but adding a frill across the front and shoulders.
I cut a Size 8 but still had to take  quite a lot in to make this more fitted.  I also cut 3" off the length. It does come up rather large unless you like a loose fit. It did however need no adjustment across the shoulders. I was thinking I would perhaps need to insert some elastic here, but not so. Its perfect as it is and it's also very comfortable to wear.

The pink jeggings are made from another stretch denim from Empress Mills. I  love their denims! It's also the Style Arc Elle Pant pattern once again. This pattern has become one of my wardrobe staples.

Thanks for stopping by and taking time to read 😀

Happy Sewing!


  1. Love the style change you did with the top by adding that frill across the shoulders. You totally transformed it! The pants are also a lot of fun in the hot pink color. Great ensemble!

  2. Its so cute - and you are right, black and pink look so good together. What a great idea to add the ruffle - you love the off shoulder peasant blouse look, so you have really referenced that look! And, I love the flouncy top with the slim pants. But each garment is going to be able to go with a zillion other things too, New Season or not. Enjoy wearing ...

  3. I like this on you very much and I think if I get the test pants right I'll try some of the denim from Empress Mills. The top style and colour wouldn't work for me but they are great on you. Pink and black do look great together. You've proved it

    1. Thank you Anne. I highly recommend the denim!

  4. What a brilliant outfit!

  5. What a fun outfit! Adding the ruffle to the top was a great idea! Paired with the pink pants, you are ready to hit the town!