Wednesday, 26 July 2017

M7579 ~ Mixing the Old with the New-(ish)

I was very excited about this months MAGAM theme "Seasonal Stash Busting" because I have had the patterned and solid colour fabrics waiting to be made since February at least. The floral fabric was gifted to me a couple of years ago by my Mum's friend. I have no idea what it is, but its beautifully soft, drapes well and doesn't crease. I am pretty sure it was in her stash for quite some time too as it was only 90cms wide, so it's pretty old. Didn't they stop making fabric that width donkeys years ago? I've been itching to make  this into something since I acquired it, but not only was it narrow, there wasn't much of it either.

But then at the beginning of the year I spotted M7579 and purchased the navy and red crepe fabrics to make this pattern come alive. Those bias seams need to be shown off! Not hidden in a solid colour or patterned fabric. Only it sat on my shelf for several months just looking at me, until along came Sarah Liz with the perfect MAGAM theme to kick my butt into action!

In truth it is not my usual style of top that I would normally choose to wear, and I keep telling myself that I will make and wear loose fitting clothes no more. But this pattern really jumped out at me. It caught my eye as soon as I did see it. There was something about its asymmetrical-ness and the line detail and I just knew I had to make it.

I played around with a few sketches first as I couldn't decide which panels to cut in which fabrics. I eventually decided on what you see now. Careful cutting was required due to most of these seams being on the bias and to keep the edges from stretching. I stay stitched every piece as soon as I lifted off the pattern and handled each piece as though it would break if I so much as let it go or hang off the table!  I thought keeping this from stretching was going to be a challenge for me, and that's the main reason I wanted to make it. But it wasn't at all and I think its turned out to be quite a success!   Sometimes I think I under estimate myself 😏

I was looking forward to making this and wasn't disappointed. It was a little like putting a jigsaw together adding piece by piece and watching how it came together. My only dislike is the instructions have you leave raw edges visible on the neck and sleeve bindings. I didn't like this idea so finished mine as you would normally finish an edge with binding. I made the neck binding wider than the sleeves for personal preference. I am really pleased with how its turned out but that said, I'm not sure I will get too much wear out of this. It was more about the challenge and the interest in construction as much as anything. Plus as you may have noticed, I live by the sea and wind is nearly always an issue here, blowing any sense of gracefulness out the window. Or across the bay as the case may be!

And finally, here she is being modelled by Lady Mai. No windswept-ness here!


The trousers were made to match using bengaline and the Style Arc Elle Pant so even more stash busting for July 😊

Happy Sewing Everyone
Dawn 😀


  1. Love these! That's the perfect top for ocean breezes!

  2. Oh I love this top on you. I think you placed the different fabrics just right. It is so very pretty. And I agree with the approach you took with handling those bias seams.

  3. Great use of fabric here Dawn. I think we sewers have to make up everything that comes our way - we can't say no! The top is actually quite fitted - I think bias cut helps the top shape to your body, so it is not a shapeless garment at all. And yes, I think sometimes the challenge of a sew is more important than the wearing after - but if you get to wear it a few times, you have won all round!