Thursday, 31 October 2013

Vogue 8742 - Pumpkin Orange!

"Happy Halloween!"

This is now my favourite dress that I have made so far. I just LOVE this colour!! I've called it Pumpkin Orange, seeing as it is just that, and we are after all on Halloween. I have never worn or made a dress (or anything for that matter) this vibrantly bright before, and that is exactly why I bought it. Sometimes you just have to step outside your comfort zone and this dress is my prime example why.

I love jersey knits as I'm sure I have mentioned before. They are comfortable to wear and also practical. Ponte Roma is my favourite jersey knit and I have several colours in my stash. They are available from HERE in an array of beautiful colours; the pricing is good at time of blogging and I highly rate the seller.  But if you really want some top quality TRY THESE they are fabulous. These from Minerva Crafts are also excellent and also offer a vast variety of colours

I only bought Pumpkin Orange a few days ago (the seller calls in tangerine) and when it arrived I was on it like a flash and had it cut out on the very same day! I hadn't even planned on making another dress just yet.

The pattern is Vogue 8742. I made View B. Its a Very Easy Vogue pattern and it IS, exactly that. Again, it's another that is now Out of Print in the UK but still available from the US website. This is not only my new favourite dress but also my new favourite pattern so far too. I love everything about it. Those gathers down the side front are such a simple but effective idea and this pattern lends itself to both patterned and plain knits. It would also look absolutely gorgeous in something like THIS and THESE. Or for summer, the sleeveless version would look fabulous and pretty in these Funky Cotton Jerseys !

My initial idea was to team my new Pumpkin Orange dress with black. And you have to admit, the contrast does look pretty striking!

But then I spotted the most beautiful autumnal window display of silk scarves in my local craft market (Sadly the photo doesn't do it the justice it deserves) and once again I found myself drawn to these beautiful colours

Well I couldn't just walk by could I? The colours were shouting out to be worn with this dress and I have to say, I think this dress looks loads better with this gorgeous scarf.

The scarf is hand painted on a so, so soft silk chiffon and it is Mmmm, lush! Unfortunately there isn't a website but you can email for details. (or you could visit our lovely seaside town and see for yourselves!) All the scarves are so luxurious and so much time and care has been spent on hand painting each one. You can never have too many scarves so I can see I will be paying this shop another visit (or two) in the not too distant future....

Scarf close up

The button detail on the back neck opening

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Thanks for stopping by ~ Keep smiling :)

The Winter~Queen


  1. Very pretty dress and it looks perfect on you.

  2. I have made this dress twice in prints. I need to break out of comfort zone and make a solid. Your dress is very flattering on you, love the Pumpkin Orange color.

  3. Love love LOVE your orange dress! I made it in red, which seems so boring now! This looks fantastic on you- great job!

    1. Thanks Shannon! Would love to see yours.. I bet it doesn't xx

  4. wow- gorgeous dress, you sew so beautifully. :)